Great Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Every Budget

Think about it – what other room (besides your kitchen) do you use as much as your bathroom? A bathroom is a great place to really make your own, whether as a showcase for a great antique vanity mirror, to a handcrafted artisan glass sink, to a spa-like retreat – or even just a fun place for the kids’ bath time. The choice is yours!

Let’s start with these two basic questions: 1) what would you like to do, and 2) how much would you like to spend to do it?

Some older homes’ bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side – so you may want to earmark extra cash for any plumbing upgrades within the wall, or possibly expanding the footprint of the room itself. On the plus side, if everything looks OK structurally speaking in your older home’s bath, you can focus on just re-decorating, which will be significantly easier – and less costly.

If you’re in a newer home, you may be in luck- most of the modern plumbing upgrades were probably built in. Now you can start to have fun making the bathroom your own. So let’s get down to business.

Budget Details

Less than $300

On a shoestring? Not to worry – you may be a little more limited, but remember – a smaller upgrade can make a big difference. Consider a quick new coat of paint in a new color scheme, brand new hardware (like towel racks, soap dishes, drawer pulls – even a new doorknob)…these little changes can make your bath feel brand new.

$300 – $600

If you can afford to spend a bit more cash, think about the suggestions above, and consider some additional upgrades like a new shower curtain, hotel quality bath & hand towels, a cozy rug, even a new mirror or medicine chest. To top it off, look into new light fixtures to show off all your efforts.

$600 and Up

When you’re committed to making a change. At this stage, look into options for bigger-ticket upgrades: a spa tub, furniture-quality vanities, artisan glass or fired clay sinks, and designer toilets and faucets. If you’re handy, you can take some of the punch out of the bottom line by doing some work yourself – such as replacing sink or bath faucets – but the larger-scale work will need to be done by a professional. Typically, this is where the bulk of your costs will fall.

Other OptionsRather than doing a full demolition, you can also look into some cost-saving alternatives such as tub re-glazing (about $500) and re-grouting or re-tiling bathroom walls. The work typically takes only a few days (as opposed to weeks) and can make an immediate change for a fraction of the cost of a full remodeling.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look you want. Check out your local home center and independent bathroom showcase stores. Another great place for inspiration is online. You’ll get a better idea of what you’re looking for, and you might be able to find a bargain at the same time!