Great Hotel Workout – Plank Exercise

A hotel workout is important when you are traveling. If you travel on a regular basis, working out is not always an activity that you include in your schedule. There are several reasons people do not exercise when they are traveling. Some people believe that traveling gives them the license to take a break from exercising. Other people have a more valid reason: they do not work out while they travel, because most of the hotel gyms are too small, making it difficult for many people to work out at the same time. If you tend to avoid working out while you travel, you should realize that there are many great hotel workout routines that you can do, right in your hotel room.

Personally, when I travel for business, I have very little time to spend on leisure related activities. Therefore, the last thing I think about, is to use the hotel gym for a workout. Instead, I work out in my hotel room. I typically plan my hotel workout ahead of time. My hotel workout is almost structured as my regular workout; the only difference is that most of my hotel workout routines are designed for a very limited square footage. Despite the limited space of a hotel room, you can still get a full body workout if you plan your hotel workout appropriately. Recently, I was in Boston for business, and as you may have guessed, I stayed at the hotel for a day. Even though I was there for only a day, I did not want to miss my daily workout; so I put together a quick 20-minute hotel workout routine. Of all the exercises I did that day, I wanted to quickly share with you a plank exercise that is a little more challenging than your regular plank

Hotel workout – Plank exercise

If you do not already know, plank exercise routines are important in helping strengthen your core. A plank exercise is also a great substitute to regular crunch exercises. Most people don’t like doing crunch exercises because they end up feeling pain in the neck and back area. Plank exercise routines do not cause such pains.

For my hotel workout plank exercise, I am doing a variation of the plank with leg raises. Rather than raising your legs, you are moving them at a 45 degree angle to the left, and to the right. Once you bring your leg back to its starting position, you immediately bring it towards your elbow. Make sure your back is as straight as it possibly can, when you bring your knee towards your elbow.

Alternate legs, and keep doing this plank exercise for a full minute. Once you are done, take a 10 second break, and repeat it again nine more times, for a total of ten times

Good Luck!