Great Value for The Money – Motorhome Insurance Policies

When you are thinking of buying any type of insurance for your motorhome, probably the first thing that comes to mind is getting real value for money and peace of mind. There is some great value for money insurance plans available in the market and at very competitive rates. Depending on what type of insurance you are looking for be it Third Party Fire and Theft or fully comprehensive there is sure to be a rate that will suit your pocket.

Some factors come into play with the amount of premiums you will pay such things like, how long have you owned a license, the longer the better, and what age you are, and if you are in full time employment and if you are retired or not. All these will be taken into consideration when you are applying for insurance on your motorhome.

If you are seeking insurance for a converted panel van into a motorhome or any other type of self build motorhome, you may well have to go to some specialists in insurance who deal with this type of vehicle cover, and in some cases you might have to have an engineer’s report done after you have completed the conversion of your van. This is something to keep in mind when thinking about the insurance side, as there may be only a few companies that will provide the cover that you want.

You may also like to consider what you will get for policy premiums such as does the insurance cover your trips in the United Kingdom and also for mainland Europe, and is there a limit or not on the amount of trips that you can take, and how long will the cover be for when you are in mainland Europe. Another factor you might like to weigh up is, breakdown cover for any rescue you might need here or abroad, and what about any legal fees that might be incurred? Also does the insurance cover you should you lose your keys to your van? As getting replacement locks fitted can be a very expensive outlay.

When you are considering motorhome insurance it is wise to try and achieve as much no claims discount as possible, as this will result in a cheaper policy that will be offered to you. Whilst no one likes the idea of having their windscreen damaged, this again can be a costly item to replace, so you might like to ask your insurance company if this is covered, especially if you plan to make several European trips, as some of the roads in Europe are not up to the standard of roads in the UK, and tend to have more loose debris on the roads which can easily damage your vehicle or shatter the windscreen.

Also see what the amount of cover is for your personal items, as nowadays many motorhome vans are fitted with many of the main luxuries of life, such as TV’s and stereo systems. Finally see if your motorhome insurance will also cover you if you have an awning, as these can be expensive to replace.