Greater London in England

England is a beautiful country and is a part of the United Kingdom. There are many counties in England that makes it easy for Government to maintain the law and order.

Here is brief description of Greater London:

Greater London

Greater London is the top level administrative sub division covering London, England. In 1965 the administrative area was officially created which covers city of London, including Middle Temple and Inner Temple. Its area also forms London European Parliament Constituency.

Till now, this region had the highest GDP per capita in United Kingdom. Its area is about 1572 square km. In the east it is bounded by the home counties of Essex and Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Kent in South East England.

Westerham Heights, in the North Downs is the highest point in Greater London at 245m (804 ft). London is the only English region which has directly local governance. The GLA comprises a regional assembly known as London Assembly and an executive head known as Mayor of London. The Greater London is further divide into 32 London boroughs, each of them governed by a London borough council. All these London boroughs belong to London Councils.

The largest religious group in the city is Christian (58.2%) followed by Muslim (8.2%), Hindu (4.1%) and others. Particularly in the city, there are large numbers of churches. The royal ceremonies and other important national functions are shared between St’s Paul and Westminster Abbey.

The Westminster Cathedral is the largest Roman Catholic Cathedral in England and Wales. The Parliament is further divided into 74 constituencies, which are small borough constituencies. They constituencies will be reduced to 73 before the next general election.