Green Cooking – Cedar Plank Salmon

Salmon from the wild waters of Alaska is one of the world’s healthiest, tastiest, and most sustainable foods. The state of Alaska has taken careful measures to ensure all of these qualities. They constantly monitor water quality, although with such a vast territory and small population, it is hardly surprising that Alaskan waters should be some of the most crystal clear on earth. They carefully supervise fish runs and breeding cycles, ensuring that enough salmon are able to pass through unharmed as a promise of future generations of fish. Fishing seasons and catch quotas are strictly enforced, and are adjusted each year to adapt to changing conditions. When you eat Alaska salmon, you can be proud to be part of an eco-friendly process that properly appreciates and protects nature’s bounty.

Make this homage to nature a part of your cooking as well! Use only the freshest herbs and vegetables, locally grown and purchased. Let natural flavors dominate the dish. Take this one step further and try cedar plank salmon. Cedar plank salmon simplifies the grilling process, and infuses your salmon with the earthy and aromatic flavors of the forest. This method simply requires a plank of cedar, presoaked in water for two hours. Place your seasoned salmon on the board, and put this onto the grill, over indirect heat. It’s great for the salmon, since you don’t have to flip it over or worry about any succulent bits flaking off wastefully into the coals. The wonderful flavors of the cedar are cooked right into the salmon, uniting icy Alaskan waters and towering cedar forests into a gourmet dish.

With a rustic and natural look, cedar planks for grilling also make lovely serving platters. They can also, in a sense, be recycled. You will only want to use a plank a couple of times, after which it will begin to lose its potency and become a bit charred. However, it then makes great woods chips for smoking salmon or burning down as charcoal for the grill. Cedar planks for grilling can be found in kitchen stores, some supermarkets, and are easy to find online.

Grilling up cedar plank salmon does justice to the diverse essences of nature, and supports a sustainable and high quality practice. Bring these magnificent blessings straight to your dinner table, for a savory taste of the great outdoors.