Green Homes Are the Latest Trends

The latest trend in building, both residential and commercial, is green construction. Earth friendly, sustainable construction is being hailed as the way of the future. Major changes in the way buildings are constructed as well as in the materials used are becoming a priority for many people. Green homes can be vastly different from traditional homes. Several trends have become industry standard and are helping make the homes more energy efficient and healthier. Here are a few of the major features you are likely to find in a green building.

Steel frames, which are stronger and more sustainable than wood are replacing the traditional wood framed models. Steel is also impervious to mold, making it a healthier choice.

Heating and air conditioning systems are now coming with HEPA filters installed. The filters can reduce many of the allergens found in our homes.

Special energy efficient windows have greatly reduced the amount of air exchange, making the homes easier to heat and cool. These windows also block out UV rays.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are being fitted with filters, purifying municipal water supplies that are dropping in purity.

Traditional   carpeting  and vinyl flooring is being replaced with ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring. Carpets are notorious for their off gassing and are extremely difficult to keep clean.

A green house can be slightly more expensive during initial construction, but the energy savings can make up for the costs rapidly. Long term benefits make the homes appealing to many people.

If you currently have a home and aren’t planning on building a new one, there are several improvements you can make on your current home to make it greener and more efficient. Here are some of the most popular:

Cotton insulation can be installed in place of traditional fiberglass types. Cotton is just as effective but much safer and more Earth friendly.

If you must replace your roof, opt for redwood shingles that are reclaimed from old lumber. These shingles prevent the destruction of thousands of trees each year and are beautiful.

Traditional smoke detectors use radioactive materials which are certainly not Earth friendly. New models avoid these impossible to dispose of isotopes.

Improve your home’s air quality by replacing ordinary heating and air conditioning filters with HEPA filters.

When it comes time to replace that old, dirty carpet, replace it with ceramic tiles. These are the trend in modern design and are much healthier, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

The green movement is here to stay. Even if you aren’t overly concerned about global warming, the health benefits gained from modern construction methods can make green right for you.