Grizzly Tool Catalog – 2011

Every year Grizzly releases the handyman’s index of all things woodworking. The Grizzly catalog continues to impress year after year, and 2011 is no exception. This year, Grizzly has added 24 pages of woodworking and metalworking offerings, as they continue to expand their product line and offer their customers a tool for every occasion. From the small budget machines to the high end South Bend Lathes and Mills, Grizzly is offering a smorgasbord of choices, all in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Grizzly remains committed to offering a wide array of products at the lowest possible prices, and follow it up with a customer service team that is second to none.

If you’ve never looked through one of these things, you’re missing out big time. This year’s offering is a full 700 pages of tools, accessories, milling machines, router bits, guitar making materials and every other tool related item under the sun. The prices are generally good and there are some real steals with Grizzly’s tools. If you are in the market for expanding your woodworking or metalworking toolsets, the Grizzly catalog will certainly help you pick the best option available, at a competitive price.

Have you had a chance to consider tools by Grizzly Industrial? If you ask me, the best way to acclimate yourself to this company is to browse their selection in one centralized location. What better way to do so than to browse their free catalog? So how do you get your hands on Grizzly’s extensive catalog? All catalogs are free for potential customers by going to and requesting one, or are available for viewing on the internet.