Groom Your Puggle to Look Dazzling

Once you have gotten a puppy home, you would want to schedule for grooming your puggle and keep to clean. Grooming is not only important for your puggle's appearance but also for good health and well being. If you do not groom your puggle puppies chances are they may produce a foul odor and develop matter areas of fur and some skin allergies on the skin.

Combing and brushing: Grooming your puggle puppy is very much essential. Cleaning the fur is the key to keeping your puppy look great and clean. This would involve trimming of the fur and brushing of fur. If your puppy has long hair then you might consider combing and brushing his hair everyday. You would also require trimming the areas that are matted or have a tension of getting matted need to be trimmed regularly. With the woolly and curly hair breeds, you would need to comb everyday in order to avoid tangling of hair. The dogs with short hair that have close tight fur or hair would require fewer times of brushing and combing. Combing once in a fortnight would do for the short haired dogs.

Nail check: You would require making a regular check of the puggle's paws. This would also include trimming nails of your puggle. You would need to make a check for debris and dirt that is lodged between the toes. If your do indulge a lot of time outdoors then checking for dirt and debris is must. You would require trimming your puggle's nails regularly. This would help keeping dirt and debris from accumulating. This would also prevent the puppy from the movement and prevention from the ingrown nails that can grow inside the paw pads. This condition could be very much painful. It would cost you handsomely at the vet's clinic in order to get it removed and then closing it up. Therefore, it is necessary to make a regular check, every two weeks. Trimming your puggle's nails would save your furniture too. If your house hair wood flooring then you would want to make sure that your puggle's nails are trimmed in order to avoid any damage from occurring.

Each check and dental care: Ear care is another important thing that you might consider. Pale pink color ears enhance their appearance. If you feel your dog is smelling foul or fading pale pink color, then make a trip to a vet. Cleaning the puggle's ears regularly would be a great idea. It is easy to clean too. Dental care of puggle is another important thing that you might want to consider. Cleaning puggle's teeth should be started at an early stage itself. Decay of teeth and mouth could lead to a serious kidney or a liver problem. Brush your puggle's teeth regularly and visit a vet once in a year for a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning eyes and bathing: Clean and check your puggle's eyes regularly. If you happen to see any sign of cloudiness or drain, make a trip to the vet. Bathing would allow getting rid of all smelly odors. Practice bathing your puggle once a week. There are some specially formulated soaps and shampoos that could have been used to get rid of dirt and odor. Make sure to groom your puggle for it to remain in a healthy being.