Grow Hair and Reverse Receding Hairline Today

To grow hair you need to ensure your roots have the right environment to flourish. Your receding hairline and balding occurs due to an unfriendly environment for your roots. Within this article, you will see how to eradicate DHT (dihydrotestosterone), stop hair loss and create the right environment to grow hair with laser therapy and other techniques.

Creating the right environmental conditions for your roots is most essential to grow hair and it will benefit your health overall. With no drugs and no side effects along with other essentials like drinking water, exercise and consuming plant-based foods they blend perfectly with your body. The FDA has approved laser therapy as a non-significant risk. It works well with any hair type, chemicals, colors and perms.

You can go to the laser clinic or as many people prefer, to get their own simple to use laser hood device. It is more convenient to use in your own home, reducing your expenses and time. A laser therapy treatment repairs chemically damaged roots and eradicates dry hair and any unpleasant smells. It regrows your lost hair, eliminates receding hairline and balding. This therapy increases your blood circulation to your roots, that grow hair thicker healthier and stronger. It improves your overall quality giving you softer locks.

A well-known hair restoration expert Dr Bradley Kurg from the American Board of hair restoration surgery states” low-level laser therapy is by far the most advanced and promising non-surgical hair loss treatment available today for men and women.”

The right environment for your roots to flourish includes drinking water. It may sound simple, but no other drink that can do what it does. Alkaline water is the highest quality available today, it cleanses your cells and roots empowering them to absorb nutrients easily and quickly.

Drinking water releases antioxidants that destroy all the free radicals and other damaging elements within your body. On average you use about 2.5 litres every day in normal bodily excretions, so drinking water at least 3 litres per day will replenish your daily bodily functions, Most Doctor’s use alkaline water in emergency rooms to save poison victims lives. It is like a natural all-purpose chemical free disinfectant.

To reverse receding hairline, drinking water balances your ph levels reducing acidity within your body. This action is very important as too much acid causes your body to deteriorate causing disease. Alkaline water creates the best environment to grow hair; it balances your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol naturally. It is unlike tap water that has high acidic levels and it causes you dry hair, itching and hair loss.

To add to your nurturing environment to eradicate DHT and improve your hair loss and balding you need to eat plant-based foods. They balance your body with more alkaline nutrition. This action builds and strengthens all your major organs and cells. It reduces cardio vascular disease and strokes naturally with no side effects.

A statement by Rui Hai Liu MD. PHD concluded his research for The American Institute for cancer research at an International conference on food, nutrition and cancer said “Different plants have different photo nutrients. These substances go to different organs, tissues and cells, where they perform different functions of healing. What your body need to fight off disease is this perfect blend. This teamwork is produced by eating a variety of plant-based foods including whole grains.”

Finally yet importantly, to eradicate receding hairline and balding you need to exercise, it improves your skin, nails and hair problems naturally. It enhances your cells to grow hair; it strengthens your major organs, bones and muscles giving your better health and longevity.

This action builds your immune (nervous) system, which is your first defence to fight off bacteria and viruses, which lead to disease. It balances your glucose and blood pressure and increases your metabolism. This helps to eliminate DHT and blockages, improving your receding hairline and baldness easily.

Regular exercise improves your lymph (waste) system as your sweat gets rid of toxins too. You can start with a simple stretching and walking to improve your oxygen levels to your cells, oxygen feeds your cells and tissues essential nutrients. This environment creates the ideal setting to grow hair and rejuvenate your body overall.

As you know, a polluted environment brings disease, but using these secrets to restore you health, creates your right environment to excellent health, youth and vitality.