Grow Hair in Just 8 Days and Stop Embarrassing Frontal Baldness

Some people accept frontal baldness as a natural way of life. However, it is less acceptable for many others. Frontal baldness, or the loss or thinning of hair on the top of the scalp is becoming a problem that is more and more prevalent. Although most people believe that this condition affects a very tiny segment of society, this is not true. About 60% of men suffer from this complaint and about 38% of women over 50 are affected by it.

Sadly, there is no single cure to prevent hair loss in everyone. But in most cases, a good healthy diet is one of the main components that promotes normal hair growth. Important vitamins and minerals for hair growth include zinc, copper, iron, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-7, and calcium. To ensure that you get all of these essential vitamins and minerals, you can use a multi-vitamin on a daily basis.

To further minimize the effects of thinning hair, you should eat foods that are rich in these vital nutrients. A good diet rich in these items will decrease the chances of worsening the condition.

Stress also plays a large role in hair growth and is a significant factor in hair loss. Recent studies have indicated that people who are under less stress tend to have less of a balding problem.

Another way to prevent hair loss or to stimulate hair growth is to massage your scalp on a regular basis. A good scalp massage helps promote healthy hair follicles and helps stimulate the growth of new hair. For maximum benefit, you should gently masage your scalp for ten to fifteen minutes.

Of course, if you think that your frontal baldness is due to an underlying medical condition, you should see a health care practitioner well-versed in this area. Your doctor may perform several tests to determine whether there is an underlying cause fo the condition.