Guide to Caravan Awnings

Awnings generally come in three types – the full awning, the porch awning and the canopy awning. Full awnings will run the full length of your caravan, providing the maximum amount of floor space. These can comprise sleeping compartments, ideal for children, and can easily house a small table and chairs so you can still dine outside on cooler evenings.

Full awnings come in various sizes in terms of depth. You may think the bigger the better, as you'll get more floor space. However, it is important to bear in mind that the larger the awning, the more fabric and the heavier it will be to transport and erect.

Porch awnings literally provide a porch area for your caravan. These are great for taking off muddy wellies in the winter or storing the bucket and spade in the summer, meaning you keep your caravan carpets clean. They also provide a sheltered spot to sit out on an evening with enough room for a couple of chairs.

Canopy awnings are just like a roller blind that can be rolled out to provide a sheltered area outside the caravan. Some canopy awnings also come with fabric for the sides to give that little bit extra protection from the wind.

Top tips for buying and owning a caravan awning:

  • Visit your local dealer or accessory shop for advice. They'll be able to show you different types of awnings in different fabrics.
  • Buy some hardened steel rock pegs in case you have to peg out your awning on gravel.
  • As one of the heaviest items you'll carry in your caravan, it's always best to load it at ground level, preferably over the axles so as not to unbalance the caravan.
  • Invest in a ground sheet as this can be used to lay on the ground before laying out the awning, preventing it from getting muddy.
  • Erecting an awning in high winds is not recommended, but if you feel it's just a bit windy, you can take out the side panels before attaching it to the caravan. That way, it'll put up less of a fight than if the side panels were in place.
  • Make sure you add the value of your awning to your caravan insurance policy as they can be expensive and easily damaged. Also check your insurance policy to see if your awning is covered should it be damaged by a storm.

Caravan awnings are a great investment if you're keen on making the most out of your caravan holidays all year round. Just make sure you shop around and get advice from the experts so you get the awning that's right for you.