Guide to Creating an Effective Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Program

Having a maintenance program in place for your customers is always a good and professional idea. It helps to organize how you will implement your services and ensures your customers’ carpets are always thoroughly cleaned. The area you live in and the type of weather associated in that area will determine the frequency and type of cleaning needed throughout the year. You’ll find that putting together a solid strategy will require you to obtain the right carpet cleaning equipment for different areas of the job.

For instance, you’ll need great quality vacuums, steam cleaners and portable and truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. Before getting into that, it’s essential to go over the basics of what a maintenance program should consist of.

Organizing the Carpet Cleaning Process

Every maintenance plan should consist of the following four processes:

  • Prevention: Methods should be implemented to prevent soils from entering the facility
  • Daily maintenance: Minimize the damage caused to the flooring by removing the soils each day
  • Interim maintenance: Keep the appearance of the carpet looking good using low-moisture and low-chemical methods to enhance drying time
  • Restorative maintenance: Deep cleaning is needed every so often to get rid of the soils that have become deeply embedded in the carpeting

All of this will help to achieve the desired results. You’ll find that in order to keep floors looking good, maintenance of the outside of the property (shoveling snow, sweeping away dirt and debris,etc.) and vacuuming are highly essential. This will help to reduce the amount of dry soils and prevent excessive damage to the carpet.

The Right Carpet Cleaning Equipment for the Job

The technique is only one part of the equation. Having the right commercial carpet steam cleaners and vacuums is key. As you’re going over your maintenance program with customers, it’s important to point out the need for matting to be placed in all areas leading outside. Employees will track in dirt, so majority of that soil will be collected by the mats. These mats need to be strategically placed throughout the facility.

Next, sweepers is a good tool to use to keep the parking lot and walkways clean, so there’s less soil being dragged inside. The inside of the facility needs to be regularly vacuumed. It’s best to use a commercial-grade vacuum with brushes and hoses.

You can find vacuums and other carpet cleaning equipment at many online stores. Here, you can also find quality tools to use for your cleaning maintenance program.