Gutter Helmet – Does Gutter Helmet Work Or Is It All Hype?

For those of us who cringe at the thought of having to clean gutters every year, a product called Gutter Helmet is supposed to eliminate this chore forever. But, does it really work?

I recently had a close friend who had the Gutter Helmet system installed on his home, so I was able to find out a little more about this new concept.

Most everyone understands how important it is to have free-flowing rain gutters on our home. A clogged gutter does no good, other than creating drainage issues and possible roof damage.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has gone as far as saying clogged gutters and downspouts contribute to furthering the spread of the West Nile virus. It makes sense, mosquitoes love standing water.

The Gutter Helmet is designed in a way that it sits under the shingles and then attaches over your existing gutter.

Rainwater comes down the roof and into a 3/8″ opening in the gutter Helmet. That may not seem like a very big slot to handle a big storm, but it is said to be good for over 20 inches of rain per hour. If we ever seen that much rain in an hour the gutter would be the least of our problems!

Gutter Helmet is not low cost. Expect prices in the $15-$20 a foot range. This includes installation since Gutter Helmet is not for the do-it-yourselfer. It needs professional installation.

While this cost is more than double the rate for a standard gutter install, the system is guaranteed for life and that even includes a transferable warranty.

Does it really work? Well, from judging what my friend has went through, I’d say it does. Here in the Midwest we have been through several storms and his gutters have been fine.

If gutter cleaning is not for you, I would suggest looking at the Gutter Helmet system as a possible solution.

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