Gymnastics Grips – What Dowel Grip Size Does Your Gymnast Need?

Gymnastics grips are extremely important when it comes to a gymnast's uneven bar success. One thing more important than the gymnastics hand grips themselves is the fit. If the gymnastics grips are too big or too small they are worthless and will do their job unnecessarily!

In order to get the perfect fitting gymnastics grips you need to know the gymnast's grip size. You can ensure you get the correct grip size very easily; all you have to do is measure!

When you begin to measure for dowel grips have the gymnast make her hand straight. Take a ruler or tape measure and measure from the bottom of the palm (where the wrist and hand meets) to the very top of the middle finger (do not include finger nails, which should not be there anyway). Make sure you measure the underside of the hand, not the front. The measurement should be in inches. Once you get the final measurement all you have left to do is pick out the brand and style of gymnastics grips you want. Go to the sizing chart, look at the different grips sizes and select what grip size matches your measurements. Make sure you double check the grip size you selected.

Both hands should be the same size but on rare occasions I get a gymnast who has one hand that is significantly bigger than the other. If this is the case, you will need to measure both hands and buy two different size dowel grips that are the same brand and style.