Gymnastics Schools – 60 Ideas for Great Customer Service

Way to shut the Back Door

1. Friendly, knowledgeable persons answering phone and front desk 12 hours a day. Have no automated service with Four lines, message on hold, and friendly short voice mail.

2. Web page updated every Friday

3. Sign in front of building has to be good!

4. Spend money on things like annual flowers outside

5. Canopy on your building so kids won’t get wet when dropped off

6. New Student checklist along with lesson confirmation card.

7. Get up and open door if a mother has a stroller, or carrying babies.

8. Greet everyone, even if on the phone, who enters the door -know names of new customers.

9. Same desk person every week and have front desk person involved in themes. They can wear leis, witch’s hats.

10. Say goodbye and thanks for coming

11. Nametags out for new child and a child in a makeup.

12. Introduction of class theme, and review at the end for the parents!

13. Money back guarantee

14. Free trial classes

15. Video brochure

16. Encourage free tour and class placement

17. Referral payment $10.00

18. Makeup reminder cards

19. Unlimited make-ups in spring and summer

20. Dress code reminder cards

21. Parent handbook, so they understand the policies

22. Post class interaction with new Mom

23. Eyes taped to forehead first day-must look enthusiastic

24. Start on time, and finish on time

25. Joiner call-ask Mom how the child liked the class and review main policies

26. “Glad you could join us” postcard

27. I spend $300 for magazines for the parents (watch your image, suggestions-Christian, Parenting, Parents, Baby, Cat Fancy, Sports Illustrated, ESPN)

28. “Missed you” phone call

29. Bounce back coupon-ask them to return and give them an incentive

30. Appreciation coupon

31. Birthday card

32. Daily postcards

33. Postcard when ring the bell

34. Birthday bulletin board

35. Lesson plan logic bulletin board

36. Staff photos and bio bulletin board

37. Anniversary with gym card

38. Call if ice bag, cries, having troubles

39. No hassle refunds

40. Graduation certificate

41. Preschool parent exchange

42. Holiday cards in mail

43. Thank you notes

44. Get well cards

45. Offer babysitting for siblings during parent and tot classes

46. Mom and tot class videos for christmas

47. PapaBear night-a special open gym just for the kids and the Dads

48. Mothers’ Day appreciation week

49. Speakers at your gym (Policeman, fireman, nutritionist)

50. Photos you take in class-mail to them

51. Business card bulletin board for members only

52. $5.00 off appreciation coupon/20 per month

53. List of moms and children’s names to classes

54. Use their names!

55. Notice new hair-do, nice outfit, new car

56. Send baby cards, sympathy, thinking of you

57. Under promise and over deliver

58. Backs and cushions on bleachers

59. Clean bathrooms with diaper changing table, extra toilet paper, tampon container

60. Air fresheners throughout the gym


• What gets measured gets done. Ask how you’re doing in person and in surveys.

• Disney says, “Wrap an experience around a service transaction.”

• Think relationships!