Hadco Outdoor Lighting – Technology With Bright Exterior Design

World War II is undoubtedly the most brutal war America has participated. From 1942 to 1945 a total of 405,399 courageous American soldiers died and a staggering 670,846 US servicemen were severely wounded. Those who came back home slightly wounded carried the traumatic burdens of the war with them. Countless veterans hounded by their nightmarish war memories took to the drink. Hordes fell to the vice-like grip of heroin, morphine, opium and other mind-altering drugs they unwittingly embraced in the hopes of deleting gory combat episodes from their minds.

Yet there are many World War II vets who came back home optimistic, despite the tremendous war horrors they have went through. Some even went on to pursue rewarding military careers. Some young vets opted to continue their education and reinvented themselves into fine painters, journalists, novelists, lawyers, and film makers. And some enterprising veterans like Howard A. Daum sought to use the vast life experience that they have learned from the war in order to start their own business.

After returning from his duty, Daum established his own company named Hadco, which is the pioneering decorative, cast aluminum outdoor lighting company in the US. From then on, Hadco grew into one of the most successful lighting company in the US. In fact, Hadco is among the elite lighting companies that have become American household names.

Their dedication to continuously develop new lighting technologies has Hadco a success. Hadco marketed the first ever aluminum outdoor lights when they began their business. In 1960, they sold the first low-voltage lighting in Eastern America. And when the new millennium kicked in, Hadco led the way to making outdoor LED lights available to residential homes.

However, producing new products from time to time would not suffice to ensure success. What can you do with something new if it is not of high quality? In every business, quality is a BIG thing. Hadco knows this business philosophy from the very start. That is why they have invested resources on state-of-the-art engineering labs to ensure that Hadco outdoor lighting would meet the consumer’s high standards of quality.

Hadco lighting products go through intensive testing to make sure that they will withstand several environmental conditions that undermine the well-being of outdoor lighting units. They perform experiments to ensure their outdoor lights would stand up to the rigorous long-term damage presented by harmful UV rays. Their labs are also equipped to perform cutting edge tests on dust and moisture protection. They even have facilities to simulate the effects of rain, sprinkler systems, and various other factors on outdoor lighting units to ensure only high quality and long-lasting products will arrive at the customers’ door steps.

Try Hadco outdoor lighting now and see for yourself why generations of American homeowners have fallen in love with these products.