Hair Loss in Women – A Big Problem

Hair loss or baldness is something women always worry about. However, if this problem occurs at young age, it perturbs in a catastrophic way. But before finding any solution to the problem of hair loss, it is eminent that you must beware about the root causes.

Some of the scientifically proven causes of hair loss in women include a wide variety of reasons and some of them are listed below:

Medical conditions: The endocrine conditions like thyroid and uncontrolled diabetes are one of the most dominant reasons for hair fall problems. These conditions basically interfere with the production of hair and that is why lead to major hair loss. The main reason for this hormonal imbalance is occurrence syndrome of polycystic ovary.

Medications: Through researches it has been observed that in case medication is not consumed as per prescription, it may lead to hair fall at massive pace. So, it is always advised to consume medicines and pills that are prescribed by an authorized physician or medical expert. Generally it is seen that people of young age, especially adolescents take acne medicines such as isotretinoin as well as lithium that can create bipolar disorder. And if you are in the habit of consuming diet pills, just consume those that are prescribed by physicians as they may contain amphetamine which is a major cause of hair loss.

Alopecia areata: This is a skin disorder which is basically an autoimmune disease. Under this disease, hair follicles get badly damaged as it directly affects the immunity of a person. The common visible symptoms of this skin disorder include round patches on scalp. And gradually they increase in size.

Trichotillomanioa: This psychological disorder induces the person to pull out hair all the time. As a result, the roots of hair get weakened and hair fall becomes a usual activity. In order to rectify this disease, you need to take professional medical help.

Hair styling and treatments: Nowadays hair treatments and styling have become “in” and more and more people are opting for it in order to give themselves new cool look. But these styling treatments cause enormous harm to the hair texture. This is because the styling treatments contain harmful chemicals like traction alopecia which cause mainstream harm.

Poor nutrition: As far as nutrition is concerned, it is vital to take healthy diet full of fruits and green vegetables. This is because deficiency of essential nutrients leads to considerable loss of hair. Many people having the eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia lose the hair line more frequently in comparison with others. On the other hand, fast food eating habits also restrict nutritional value from body and resultantly lead to heavy hair loss.

But the next question arises how will you come to know about massive hair fall taking place? The answer to this question lies in the fact that women generally lose hair from the entire scalp and it leads to thinning of hair. This is the most typical symptom for women found so far through which you can come to know about hair fall.