Half Helmet

There is a wide variety of motorcycle helmets available. One type of these is called a half helmet. These are probably the closest a person can come to the feeling of not wearing a helmet at all. They cover the top of the head and come down the back a bit, but leave the entire face open to the air.

Safety is a common concern of those who are deciding on a helmet. Some believe it is safer to use a full-face helmet, but you can buy a DOT-certified half helmet. A certified helmet, even in the half-style, provides protection. It is, however, not quite as protective as the full version.

The reasons for preferring a half helmet are varied. Some like them because they believe the half-style looks better. Whether they actually look better than full-face helmets is purely a matter of taste, but if you prefer the half variety, you can be sure that you have a lot of options for its specific appearance. You can get pretty much any kind of paint job you like, and some of them have patterns molded into them as well.

Other people prefer these helmets because they’d rather not be wearing any helmet at all, but the laws in the areas in which they ride demand head protection. These motorcyclists compromise by wearing as little on their head as possible. The faceless design allows the wind to hit their faces, which is a sensation many prefer. Some helmets also have vents in them which allow the covered part of the head to stay cooler.

When shopping for an open-face helmet, riders should make sure to try them on with the straps fastened, since this is how the helmet will be worn. Also, shoppers need to make sure that any other head accessories, like earmuffs or snap-on visors, will fit with the helmet they’re considering. There is no point in buying a helmet or accessories you won’t actually be able to use.

Whatever your reason for preferring the half style of helmet, you should be able to find the perfect one for you without much trouble. The many styles of paint and the ability to add accessories to customize your headgear make it so there is one for everyone.