Hall Tables: Why They Can Make or Break Your Home

The entrance hall to your home is important; it sets the tone for the house as a whole and welcomes visitors; it is your home’s chance to make a good first impression. and that word, impression, is important, because it’s the way the entrance hall makes you feel that’s important, not just the way it looks. If you’re in the process of selling, this is something you can’t afford to ignore.

It is quite possible to create a stunning entrance way, add a designer hall table and expensive accessories, yet fail to do the one thing an entrance hall should; make a guest feel welcome. And there’s no need to limit the discussion to guests. Wherever you enter your home, you need to feel welcomed and reminded that this is the place where you feel safe and secure.

The furnishing of an entrance hall need not be complicated. There is one thing you need more than anything else, and that is light. The right lighting will help you and your guests make the transition from outside to in. On a bright sunny day, the interior needs to be cool, but not cold, and certainly not dark. On a dark night the inside of your home should be light, but with an emphasis on warmth. The role of your hall table is, typically, to bring the right amount of light and warmth to whoever has just entered your home. For this reason, most people prefer the warmth of wood when it comes to furnishings, and there’s no need for the entrance to be colorless. You can add warmth and personality with plants and flowers.

Almost any table can be a hall table. Most will be around 30 inches high and will stand against the wall, however, if you have enough space, a circular table sets the tone of a grand interior; add a large, all-round flower arrangement and illuminate from above, or use modern LED based spotlights which can be battery powered. To make the very best impression, choose an arrangement of fresh flowers with a lovely scent, but for every day, silk flowers will do the same job, and do it well.

For modern interiors a glass topped table is ideal, however if this is the entrance you use, you may well want something more functional. A table with drawers provides somewhere to store the car keys and other items you want to store while indoors, so they can be found easily. Other pieces of furniture can also serve as hall tables, these include accent tables (if suitably high), sofa or console tables, sideboards and buffets as well as small dining tables. Low bookcases can also be used, and if you have a large entrance hall, a combination. Traditional furniture means traditional flowers, hydrangeas will go with every interior, but if your interior is modern, tall white lilies are classic, gerberas more colorful, and orchids luxurious.

Above the table, and in total harmony with it, hang a mirror or a picture. A mirror is ideal if your hallway is shallow or dark as it will increase the light and the feeling of space, whether the light comes from exterior sunshine or an overhead fitting. In most cases you will also have a lamp, or pair of lamps on the hall table,. Again, if light is a problem, choose lamps tall enough to be reflected in the mirror, those described as buffet lamps will usually be ideal.

If your home has a formal style, look for something in wood with an inlay or simple ornamentation. If you prefer something less formal, perhaps in a cottage style home, a distressed finish is ideal. Beautifully shaped furniture with an aged (or faux aged) painted finish, is the perfect accent for many styles, including the very fashionable ‘shabby chic’ of today’s interiors. Don’t automatically choose a small hall table. This is the ideal position for a seasonal flower arrangement or display, anything from a pumpkin centerpiece to a fully laid out Christmas village. If you don’t have room for many seasonal decorations, treat a long thin hall table as you would a mantel, decorate it with a seasonal garland and add large colorful bows to your accent lamps. It won’t take more than a few minutes to do, and the effect will be well worth it.

The entrance hall is a an area of your home which is often neglected, yet it is the first most people see. Just a little care and attention and the right hall table can make a big change in the way you, and others, feel about your home.