Halloween Witch Crafts

Some like to go all out when it comes to Halloween decorations. Whatever inflatable villains, cobwebs and spooky music all embellish your property on the creepiest night of the year or your taste in Halloween decor is slightly more humble, have a blast with your family by making a unique witch craft using your creativity and a dowel.

Start by crafting a witch. This can be simply made and colored on paper, as printed from any free online website, or handmade using construction paper, tissue paper, glitter, confetti and any number of other materials to make the witch of your choosing. Or, use various materials to craft a 3-D witch. The choice is yours and is limited only by your imagination.

Based on the size of the project you want to make, as well as the weight of the witch you craft, determine the most appropriate size, specifically the diameter and length, of the dowel to use. A 12 inch section is a good starting point. Certainly a longer section can be used if needed.

Using raffia purchased from a craft supply store, twigs gathered from your very own yard or dried corn husks available from any number of orchards specializing in fall harvests of apples, pumpkins or gourds, apply to one end of the dowel and tie it securely with twine . To ensure that the raffia, twigs or corn husks are secure, place them at least three inches from the bottom of the dowel. You may also choose to further secure the twine with hot glue.

There are several creative ways to position the witch. Consider the following:

Have the witch straddle the dowel, resembling the standard witch-on-a-broom look.

Place the witch with both legs hanging over one side of the broom.

Replicate the witch falling off of her broom by having her dangle by the fingertips.

Place the wood dowel at a downward angle so the witch appears to come directly toward anyone who sees her.

Any of these looks can be easily accomplished by hot gluing twine or string to either side of the hardwood dowel and then hanging from an eye hook.

Another creative, and quite comical, option is to place only the hands and feet at angles on a piece of felt. Consider fashioning the hands to reflect knotted fingers with green or black fingernails or warts, and the feet to reflect black boots or boots. Using an inexpensive witch's hat, which, of course, is readily available for purchase during the Halloween season, hot glue the hat to the center of the felt so that it overlaps the hands and feet. A very small and less weighty section of dowel can be glued to the bottom of the felt with the raffia, twigs or corn husks, wrapped in twine, glued around it. Glue or sew the top of the felt to form a seam, insert another section of dowel through the seam, hot glue twine or string to either end of the dowel section and then hang from your front door to give the appearance that the witch has crashed into it.

With a little creativity and some inexpensive supplies, such as a wooden dowel, there are no limits to the "witch-craft" you can make this Halloween!