Halo Recessed Lighting For Subtle Illumination

Recessed lighting offers exceptional versatility and control over lighting conditions. This type of lighting faces downward and focuses on whatever it is that you want to attract attention to, taking the focus off of the fixture itself. One of the best things about this type of lighting is the generous light that it provides without the fixtures taking attention away from the object of focus. These lights are commonly used over bathroom sinks or bathroom vanities for a mirrored lighting image.

Halo recessed lighting are ceiling mounted bulbs contained within small niches or alcoves. They are very effective at subtly illuminating a room especially when they are used in combination with other lighting. This type of lighting is best used for spotlight specific objects such as plants or artwork, to accentuate wall mountings, or to down light an entire room.

These lights also work great for focusing light on such items as bathtubs or counter tops without overdoing it. When halo recessed lighting is used in a larger room it can enhance the illusion of space. These lights work great in conjunction with dimmer switches.

Five Styles

There are various types of halo recessed lighting, they are usually four to six inches in diameter and are available in about five different styles, which are listed as follows:

The open lighting style is where the bulb is exposed and shines downward. Reflector lights enhance and expand the light's glare. Lens lighting minimizes the glare with the use of a glare shield. Baffled lighting minimizes glare by means of ribbed protrusion. Eyeball lighting has adjustable trim which allows the bulb to be focused in multiple directions.

Simple To Install

Fixtures for this lighting system are installed within special housings known as cans. These may vary depending on the style. Installation directions are fairly simple and if you are putting these types of lights in a room of good size then you should space the lights about six to eight feet apart. This creates an even spread of illumination. Many people prefer to use a multifaceted reflector lamp. This is a special coated bulb that has spiral facets that cause shadows to be dispersed around the room similar to that of a natural fire.

Both halo recessed and halo track lighting will give you the lighting effect that you are looking for. There is a wide variety of halo lighting available including down lights. Halo lighting also offers a wide variety of trims to choose from so you can customize the unit to match your décor, finish and desired lighting effects.

Use Together With Other Lights For Layered Effect

These lights are not quite as popular as the newer contemporary track lighting but they are very versatile. They should not be used as the sole lighting source in any room but rather in conjunction with other types of lights. They can also be used in just about any room in your house to your complete satisfaction.

There are kits available for self installation that come with everything needed to complete the recessed illumination process. In conclusion, halo recessed lighting is excellent for task lighting and is also very versatile and offers great control over the lighting situation.