Halting a Receding Hair Line

Granted, every human being loses some amount of hair every day. However, the hair is continually replenished by the body and hence the loss isn’t noticeable. However, if the hair loss becomes too much, then the loss of hair will be manifested. For most men, a receding hair line is the most common signal that they may indeed be balding. The progressive thinning of hair is often known as androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. The amounts and patterns usually do vary a lot and also across the male and female gender.

Receding hairlines are often noticed in males above age 20 but can occur in teenagers as well. The progressive thinning of the hair can be caused by a variety of factors such as age, hereditary,high stress levels, chemical exposure, etc.

Seeing your hairline recede at a faster rate can send shivers across many people but there are effective methods that you can use to prevent your hairline from receding any further.

As a first step, exercise should be of the utmost priority. Exercise helps to relax your mind and make it clear. It is a well known fact that stress is one of the major causes of hair loss and exercising helps alleviate it. Increased stress levels result in less blood reaching the scalp and hence fewer nutrients are available to it to aid in hair growth and hence halt the receding hair line. Stressful work environments or situations greatly worsen hair loss and as such they should be avoided.Now, this is not to say that professionals in highly stressful careers such as doctors should change their professions but rather, they should find ways of minimizing their stress levels. What better way to reduce their stress levels than to exercise daily. Daily exercises that can be performed include weightlifting, yoga, and squats. Such exercises help the muscles relax and it releases the growth hormones which aid in the growth of all cells, hair cells included.

A receding hair line can also be halted by eating an appropriate diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide enough amounts of vitamins such as vitamin C that aids in hair growth. Vitamin C tablets can also be taken daily if fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce. The amount of proteins should be increased because proteins promote cell growth. The intake of iron should also be encouraged because they are essential in hair growth. Whole grains provide an adequate amount of iron.

Some drugs such as Minoxidil can also act as a treatment for a receding hair line. According to a Dermatology Times article, 19% of men had success in halting the frontal hair loss after using Minoxidil. However, before using such a drug, you should discuss it with your doctor in order to be fully aware of how it functions and its side effects as you could end up solving one problem only to create a huge mess in the process.

Though Finastride was thought to be ineffective against frontal hair loss, it appears that it can in fact aid in the stoppage of frontal hair loss. As always however, seek a doctor’s expert advice before using it. Hair transplants can also restore your frontal hair loss and receding hair lines. They last a lifetime and do not require the usual daily maintenance.