Hammer Curls and Bicep Curls

If you want to stay healthy you’re going to have to exercise. The old adage what you don’t use, you lose is true. Your muscles need to remain active or they atrophy. Exercise improves circulation and keep your heart in good condition with aerobics.

Exercise comes in many forms to include running, walking, swimming, all kinds of sports, and weightlifting. Some involve aerobics, which exercises the heart and improves circulation. Other exercises work on various muscle groups to help tone them and keep them working effectively.

Weightlifting, when done properly forces your body to build new muscle mass to compensate for the stress that you put on it. Depending on your desired effect, you lift heavy or light weights and you adjust the repetitions. You can also put emphasis on certain muscle groups that you might want to develop due to weaknesses in that area.

If your biceps need work there couple of exercises that are excellent for developing muscle mass and tone in that area. Depending on who you talk to, there are two types of basic bicep exercises you should pay attention to. What one is the hammer curl and the other is a regular curl. Which one is best?

Regular curls are performed with the palms up holding the weights. Depending on the repetitions in the amount of weight used, this is an excellent way to build bicep muscles. It specifically targets the bicep muscles only and focuses all your attention there.

The hammer curls are also an excellent way to build up your bicep muscles, however they are done in a slightly different way. Unlike the regular curls, holding the weights, you rotate your hands inward. In this way you can exercise those biceps effectively. In addition, you can also work forearms. Now you’re working two muscle groups at the same time.

Which one is better? With the hammer curls, you could say you’re getting the benefits of working two muscle groups rather than just one. You are working your biceps effectively, but at the same time you’re also working those forearms. With the regular curls to only working the biceps.

The best answer is probably what effect do you want? If you only concerned about working those biceps because that is the area that you need to improve on, regular curls would probably do the job if you’re looking to work both your biceps and your forearms. He wants consider the hammer curls.