Hammer Drills – A Powerful Tool

Are you in the construction business or know a lot about tools? If so, then you have likely used or have seen a hammer drill. Many do not know what they are and raise their eyebrows when they hear the name. However, this tool comes in very handy when you need to drill through concrete and brick walls.

Hammer drills can be found at any construction site. They are usually used to drill holes into concrete foundations to install red hats or lines. They are also used to drill holes through brick walls if something such as an electric line is being installed. They have the benefit of acting like a drill while banging like a hammer as the bit spins.

These drills are no joke, though. A hammer drill has some weight to it, and it does take strength to operate one and keep it in under control. Typically when operating one you need to apply constant pressure to help guide it through the material it is breaking. It is very important to make sure the correct high-quality drill bit is being used with the tool.

The drills can be very powerful and very fast. You can find them in both electric and battery powered. Electric drills are a lot more powerful and are the norm used on construction sites. Battery-powered hammer drills will get the job done, but they do drain of energy very fast. You can find either type of these drills made by preferred companies like BOSCH or Makita.

If you are thinking about using a hammer drill, then it is important to know what you are getting into. You can watch videos online or read tutorial books. They are machines and can cause harm if not handled with care. As with any type of job involving tools, you should wear eye protection. These drills do go through concrete, therefore causing dust, particles and chips to fly through the air. Now that you know a little more about hammer drills, you can go out and tackle that project.