Hammer Energy Gel Review

Hammer Gel has been around for over a decade providing only quality products. The Hammer Energy Gel has been the benchmark for concentrated carbohydrates energy because of its ingredients-or lack thereof. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners, or refined sugar.

Hammer Energy Gel has only trace sugar in it so it does not cause you sudden sugar high or crashes. It is recommended by most users who have tried three or four other products. They always say that other products do not compare to Hammer Energy Gel.

Hammer Energy Gel is easily digestible and it does not upset sensitive stomach. With Hammer Energy Gel, you only get the good stuff and none of the bad because it's made with real fruit and wholesome ingredients.

You can even choose from purchasing the single-serving pouches or the more efficient larger jugs. Whatever fits your lifestyle, you only get what your body needs; complex carbohydrates and real fruit.

Below is the product description and details:

  • Rock solid energy.
  • Made with real fruit and wholesome ingredients.
  • Versatile and economic.
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly.
  • Pure steady energy from proprietary complex carbohydrate / Energy Smart® blend
  • Convenient: sip from flask or mix it in your water bottle, no wrappers or pouches.
  • Versatile: HAMMER GEL goes down great straight, diluted, or as a flavoring
  • Excellent taste in eight assorted flavors – Mix together for more options
  • Economical: about 1/2 the cost of other gels

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