Hammer Throwing Technique – Basic Tips On Training For The Hammer Throw

There are many famous track and field events, of which the hammer throw is certainly not one of them. It is more of a fringe discipline but still requires a great deal of technical proficiency and physical strength and power in order to succeed. Hammer throwing technique is crucial, and this should form a significant part of your training. When training for any event, consider these tips.

Your training should be divided into three distinct phases, the first of which should focus on preparation, the second of which should focus on precompetition work, and the third of which will be the actual competition itself.

Core strength is an absolutely fundamental element of hammer throwing and therefore this is something that should be incorporated into all of the different phases of your training. The only times when you should not be focusing on core strength training will be during your days of rest, but in general it is important to train five days a week in this way.

Your technique is something that should be developed during the preparation phase of your training schedule. Unless you have or be knuckled down on the proper technique it simply will not matter how much strength training and core training you do. As such, focus on getting your technique right before you move onto any other aspect of your training.

During the second phase it is important that you track your progress in competition style throws. Make sure that you are recording every throw that you do note down progress you are making.

Feedback from your coaches is a crucial element and unless you do this you will never be able to improve. During the final stage of competition and the lead up to that competition you should eliminate weight training completely. Instead, maintain your focus on core training, conditioning, and improving on your technique if required.