Hand Hooked Rugs

Hand hooked rugs are a great way to add splendor to a bedroom, a kitchen, sun porch, or children’s room. A number of designers like Jane Keltner, Suzanne Nicoll, Sally Dailey, Dena, and Tracy Porter focus exclusively on designing hand hooked rugs. These beautiful floral, animal, fruit and other pattern hand hooked rugs can be used interchangeably from room to room. Hand hooked rugs have warm colors that harmonize a variety of décor themes like shabby chic, cottage, nautical or even country.

The hooked rug is described as having originated in rural New England during the late 18th Century and had taken root in Colonial America. It attained immense popularity and is still today recognized as essential home accessory. Traditional hooking uses a hand hook similar in shape to a crochet hook to form a looped pile from fabric strips or yarn on an even-weave base (such as burlap, monks-cloth, divider cloth, or linen).

Early patterns were borrowed from quilts and often immortalized a friendly horse or house pet. Gay sprays of flowers and scenes were also drawn. These designs were bold and naïve. A home was very personalized in this way, especially when it came to pattern and color. In recent times hand hooked rugs come in both classic and contemporary designs, including traditional, floral patterns, and theme rugs. Intricate designs and a myriad of colors add a lively, rich look.

The ingenuity and resourcefulness of the early American craftswoman continues today with manufacturers emphasizing both quality and aesthetic component. Today, rug hookers choose primarily from three steadfast fibers: linen, burlap or jute, and cotton; this tried-and-true selection of backings that have withstood the test of time. The cotton and linen backing makes rugs expedient for kitchen and bathrooms where there is greater use of water and humidity. Further more, hand hooked rugs are lightweight and machine washable adding to their functionality. The floral bouquet, flower garlands and other motifs add romance and warmth to any space. The bright hues of red, yellow and blue spice any area that has monotonous colors.

Round hand hooked rugs come in an array of colors, designs and styles. This shape is ideal to be placed under a round dining table while supplying color and dramatic liveliness to the dining area

Tracy Porter’s hand hooked rugs have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, HGTV, and E!, as well as in People, O, and Victoria magazines. These colorful, hand-touched, livable hand hooked rug designs are created with the signature Tracy Porter palette. They are a work of art in a color and design combination to meet one’s specific decorating needs. The floral and fruit motifs, checks and diagonal pattern help create a cozy country look. The soothing shades give the bathroom a seaside spirit, making it a tranquil place in which to refresh and renew.

In the past the potential use of hand hooked rugs were understated and restricted in use. Today, hand hooked rugs are moving from the kitchen and bathroom to conspicuous spaces like the bedroom and living room. A hand hooked rug can add the note of authenticity a room needs to take on a character all its own. The wonderful art quality of hooked rugs endears them to all who encounter them. If you are searching for the perfect hand hooked rug look no further. Visit Exquisite Rugs to find a rug that meets your specific requirement.