Handwriting Analysis

Well, to analyze who we are and our behavior, there are lots of ways, tool and techniques. Among them, handwriting analysis is one of the strong tools. Indeed, we can determine one’s character by our handwriting as it is directly connected to our brain. Handwriting analysis is not based on assumption or ideology; it’s purely scientific and technical. One can’t determine by simple studying this article. To know how is the particular person, at least we need 15 days to analyze and research.

We can not only determine his innate abilities, potentialities inherit from his/her birth, but also we can know his mood at the particular period when he is being examined or evaluated. By measuring and calculating the upstrokes, down strokes angle, aperture of single single letters, sharpness, heaviness of handwriting, gap between words, letters, sentences, style of writing and much more options are there to be calculated before we can analyze and come to the conclusion.

Each and every word making you feel so special and loved. But remember when a person sits to write anything, they not only write but also their handwriting reveals their character, behavior and experiences, in other words handwriting reveals to us much more than the feelings of happiness or sadness but the complete person. Which technique is this? Graphology or the analysis of handwriting to reveal character traits. The handwriting never lies thus handwriting analysis is one of the most non-discriminatory tools available.

Researchers have defined that handwriting is actually brain writing. It is an expression of small electrical impulses from the brain to the hand. A thought, a movement, even a feeling is a result of such electrical impulses dictated from the brain. So if you want to know about your beloved or anyone even much better, here are some fine and great tips for you that really work.

I can’t put here or define each and every traits of handwriting analysis here but I try to display some indications and traits below and will update more in near future.

1. If a person leaves a huge gap at the left side, then you can predict the person to be very CAUTIOUS in love as well as any work. They take a long time to come to any decision.

2. If a persons whole sentence flows towards up, he/she is optimistic by nature.

3. If a person’s letters are blurring in average, he/she might be suffering from internal maladies.

4. Backwarding of words or sentence define that the person is an introvert.

5. A person leaving a huge space at the right side is assumed to be an ideal person. They are very punctual and they always try to meet the deadline.

6. If a person doesn’t leave even a single space or centimeter, such persons are impatient, aggressive and moody in nature.

7. If you see a paper where words are quite close to each other, quite jumbled and scrambled then the handwriting reveals that the person has a number of tasks to accomplish in a short period. The person thinks himself to be very superior. They have their own ideas and will only agree with you if you agree with them.

8. If a person while writing goes beyond or below the line of the paper, it shows the person to be pessimistic and with low self-esteem.

9. If a person while writing goes up and above the line of the paper, it shows the person to be optimistic they are sure that tomorrow will be better and always looks on the bright side of life.

10. While writing, if the handwriting are bent towards right it shows the writer have high self-esteem and high personal expectations but are not able to work out as per their expectations.

11. While writing, if the handwriting are bent towards left it shows the person is confident, ambitious, has the ability to plan ahead.

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