Hanging Lights – Chandeliers Or Pendant Lights

If you like the look of lights that hang down from the ceiling, maybe because you've grown tired of looking at recessed can lighting that was so in vogue in the 80s and 90s, then you have thousands of styles of choose from. Swag lamps and string lights are fun, but can also look at a bit dated if you're ready to upgrade a room into the 21st century. But chandeliers or pendant lights are options that can take your room's lighting from hidden in the ceiling to decorative pieces in their own right.

Chandeliers and pendant lighting are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they're really not the same thing. Both are secured to the ceiling and hang down on a cord or a chain, or a solid base and drop system of some kind. But pendant lights are typically a single light or a pair or group of lights together at the end of the drop. A chandelier will have branches or arms with lights at the end of them. They often have many such levels and tiers.

Think of the difference between a candleholder and a candelabra. The candle holder is like a pendant light-a single point. The candelabra is like a chandelier, with many lights that span out from the center point. But just because chandeliers have more than one or two lights on branches does not mean they have to be busy or ornate. Very simple kitchen chandeliers just offer multiple lights on a pretty fixture that's very clean-lined and tidy. All chandeliers do not look like they belong in the ballroom of an antebellum mansion. You can have one of those, but you can also enjoy these versatile fixtures in just about any room, if you choose the right size and style.

You could have a kitchen chandelier , for instance, though you'll probably want other lighting, too. An overhead fixture of any sort will not provide enough task lighting on your countertop, for instance. Here's where something like mini pendant lights could come in handy, hanging from the ceiling or the bottom of overhead cabinets to illuminate your workspace. In a dining room, you might only need a single, elegant chandelier hanging over the center of the table. You will not need bright task lighting there, because you'll be going for a certain look and mood instead.

Look at a well-stocked showroom or one of the many lighting stores online to see the options you have, and you'll find something that will look perfect in your room.