Hanging Shoe Rack – A Space Saver at Home

A hanging shoe rack offers individuals with versatility when it comes to storing their shoes. This type of rack could easily be placed in an area where you feel is most convenient for you. Whether you would place it at the back of the door or in the closet, this rack would surely make life easier at home.

There are different types of hanging shoe rack that you can find today. You may think of a particular type as more beneficial than others, and you many also think that another type is the one that could provide a lot of benefits.

The first type of shoe rack that is commonly used is the closet-type of rack. This is usually made with canvas and is placed inside the closet. It could easily hang from the stainless steel rod and could hold varying number of shoes. Most of these racks could hold 10 pairs of shoes. There are different colors available such as blue, black, pink, white, green and brown. There is also a rack made of vinyl with transparent pockets. You could easily see the shoes that you have already stored, making it convenient for you to plan out what you would be wearing next.

Aside from the one that is used inside the closet, another type of hanging shoe rack that has already gained a lot of attention is the “over-the-door” type. This shoe rack, by the name itself is hung over the door. This could often be found at the back of the door and is made of different types of materials. If you like the feel of fabric, then you could go for the canvas type of rack. These racks are soft and are very light. They could easily be installed over the door without a lot of difficulty. There is also an over-the-door vinyl type of rack. Just like the one being used in closets, the one that is hung over the door also have several pockets where you could put the shoes neatly and in an organized manner.

Other over-the-door types of hanging racks are made from sturdy metal construction. These racks could hold as much as 18 pairs of shoes and are considered as very durable. The doors do not get scratched since these come with rubber bumpers that protect the doors.

Indeed, with a hanging shoe rack would always help you tidy up your room, by giving you a great and neat way of storing shoes.