Happy Nail Days Are Here to Stay With Gel-Nails

A good beauty regime is your first step to confidence and success today. A well groomed person is a pleasure to look at, winning the admiration and envy of many. Lovely hands with those beautifully turned out healthy looking UV gel-nails is one of the best grooming accessories you can ever hope to do to your nails and what more? They are now just a click and order away.

UV Gel-Nails are the latest most sought after nail fashion enhancement in the US and Europe today with the fashion conscious as well as with the lady opting for that everyday well groomed look. This is simply because gel nails look so healthy, shiny, and natural always.

Well, before the numerous benefits of UV gel can be listed out, it is important for one to know what gel nail are: These are natural looking nail enhancements you can opt for instead of acrylic nail extensions which are artificial looking, more prone to chipping, require high salon maintenance, and have been around for a while just because the newest alternative nails gel has not been completely understood and discovered.

UV gel nail are completely cured, odorless, premixed compounds which are in a gel like consistency. They can be applied directly on to your prepared nails and are cured in a period of 2 to 3 minutes under a UVA light for a permanent solution to all your bad nail problems.

Benefits of Gel Nails are:

1. Gel-Nails are superior to acrylic and fiber nails as they are odor free, low maintenance, and definitely more natural looking and flexible. Unlike acrylics which chip and break and require salon visits every 2 to 3 weeks, UV gel nail give you the benefits on all the above counts, saving you time, dollars, and giving you freedom from unsightly nails permanently.

2. UV gel nail are thinner, shinier, non- yellowing, and fix on better than acrylics. UV gel nails are non-porous, as a result of which your nails are protected from fungal and mould infections which are a probability with other nail enhancements or even your natural nails.

3. UV gel nails are extremely versatile and can be used to sculpt onto forms, be used with acrylics and fibre nails for added strength, or alternatively for any repairs.

4. Gel nails are a perfect fit for those of you looking for a permanent, hassle free solution for your nails. They are perfect for your days in office, your long vacation, your honeymoon, or even the everyday grind at home.

5. UV gel nails are available in a wide variety of types and colors, giving you a wide choice to decorate your nails with.

6. As UV gel nails do not require glue for their application, they protect and maintain your nail bed from damages that may arise due to lifting and cracking.

7. Gel nail stay on longer than any other nail enhancement systems as well as your conventional nail polish. So no more wasting your time and energy to look beautiful.

8. UV gel nails can be handled just like your natural nails. Gel nails can be cut, filed as you please without the fear of them breaking or shattering. UV gel nails are superior high quality and not prone to clean breaks or cracks unlike other nail systems.

9. Should you decide to remove the UV gel nail enhancement, it is extremely easy to do so. Your nails need not be soaked in dangerous acetone for 20-30 minutes like it is done for acrylics. They can simply be removed by filing them off and it is far less injurious to your nail bed than acetone.

The benefits of UV gel nails are tremendous and should you opt for this choice of nail enhancement, be assured that Gel-Nails will meet all your expectations and more. In fact, you will go back to Gel-Nails again and again for the gorgeous looking you.

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