Harajuku Bridge To Yoyogi Park

On a Sunday morning in Harajuku, specifically the bridge leading from Harajuku to Yoyogi Park, there's plenty of interesting sights to be seen. For those in the know they are aware that for many years youngsters dressing up in various Lolita costumes litter the streets. For those unaware making their way over to Meiji Jingu and Yoyogi Park they're often surprised.

These days there are as many foreigners as there are youngsters, all eager to take a photo on what is interesting viewing to say the least.

The themes range from Gothic Lolita, often heavily pierced with morbid black make-up and leather clothing. Classic lolita, this look can be seen as the more sophisticated, mature Lolita style because of its use of small, intricate patterns, as well more muted colors on the fabric and in the overall design. Lastly there is Sweet Lolita, focusing on the child and fantasy aspects of Lolita, the Sweet Lolita style adopts the basic Lolita format and uses lighter colors and child fantasy themes in its design

In the 1980s large numbers of street performers and wildly dressed teens including takenoko-zoku (nnP,, "bamboo-shoot kids") gathered on Omotes an dM and the street that passes through Yoyogi Park on Sundays when the steets were closed to traffic. The streets were reopened to traffic in the 90s, and a great number of teens stopped collected there. Today there are still teenagers hanging out in Harajuku, mostly on the bridge across the train tracks from Harajuku station to Yoyogi Park.

As with any public gathering there's likely to me some more eccentric people in the crowd, Sundays in Harajuku is no different, take this fella for example, getting on the "Free Hugs" campaign that swept the world a few years back.