Hard Drive Recovery Equipment

Today the world revolves around the computer. From homes and offices to schools, airports and hospitals, computers have become an integral and indispensable part of our daily lives.

One of the foremost uses of computers is data storage. Data stored on the computer resides on a physical memory disk known as the hard drive that is a layer of magnetic disks. As people become increasingly dependent on computers, the risk of data loss also surfaces.

Hard drive crashes are a common occurrence. They are classified into two categories — logical and physical. While the logical aspect deals with failure of the file system and software, the physical aspect is related to some sort of electrical or shock damage to the disk. However, modern technology allows us to recover up to 80% of the lost data, thereby allaying some of the fear related to hard drive recovery.

Hard drive recovery, whether physical or logical, is a complex process and requires expert help in most cases. Special equipment and tools are necessary to carry out this process successfully. A functional computer with the necessary software is the primary equipment required for any hard drive recovery process. Data backup devices such as CD recorders, external hard drives and CD and DVD media are also used while recovering data from a damaged hard drive.

If the hard drive has suffered physical failure, proper electronic knowledge and equipment is a must. A soldering iron might prove useful when working on a damaged circuit board. Advanced tools such as magnetometers may also be used to physically extract lost bits from the magnetic media. These bits are used to rebuild a disk image.

In addition to the hands-on equipment required, certain other precautions must be taken. The hard drive, when removed, should be wrapped in anti-static material. The drive should be well cushioned to prevent further damage. Finally, the recovery process should take place in a ?Class 100 Clean Room? to avoid any contamination by dust.