Hardie Plank Siding is by Far Your Safest and Most Durable Home Siding Option

New and exotic diseases like swine flu are normally portrayed by the media as some sort of a devastating scourge from God. While there is no denying that exotic diseases have the capability to cause great suffering and damage if proper precautions are not taken in time, the press still tends to over-hype the whole thing.

There are other things that cause more damage and suffering to Americans than swine flu. There are, for instance, about 3,000 individuals whose lives are lost to fire accidents annually. According to the CDC, deaths from fires are the fifth most common cause of accidental injury deaths in the US. Fire accidents are in fact considered as the third leading cause of fatal home injury. And the vast majority of fire accidents happen in residential structures.

Perhaps the main reason why residential homes are prone to fire accidents is that many are made from highly combustible material like wood. While it is impossible to eliminate wood from our homes, you have the option to minimize the presence of such fire-prone material from your house.

One thing you can do is replace your wooden siding with a much safer material, such as hardie plank siding.

What is Hardie Plank Siding?

A relatively new type of siding material, hardie plank is by far the most safe alternative siding option for homeowners looking to replace their wooden siding. It is a combination of natural and synthetic material. It is made from cellulose fibers and cement.

Advantages of Hardie Plank Siding

Fire Resistant:

When it comes to safety, this siding outranks traditional materials like wood. Although it is not entirely fire-proof, it is, nevertheless, a material that does not easily caught fire. During accidental fire incidence, a not so combustible material like hardie plank can buy a homeowner some precious time to respond to the accident.

Green Material:

Considering the current status of Mother Nature, most of us seriously consider a particular material before purchasing it. Is it green material? With hardie plank siding, the answer to that would be a big YES. Nature-loving homeowners need not worry about the source of this siding’s cellulose fibers since it is entirely made from wood species that are not endangered. Also, this material does not contain toxic materials.


When buying a product, the first thing that would probably come into our minds is durability. That is very true when choosing a siding material. Nobody would like to get some lousy siding material that would crumble after a few years. What we want is a tough material that would withstand the elements for a long, long time. One such siding material is hardie plank. When durability is concerned, it will outperform most siding materials. How long will it last? Well, it is not 10, 20, or 30 years, but a whooping 50 years of guaranteed protection.

Hardie plank is thick as wood and can withstand serious impacts that would damage ordinary siding materials. Although it has cellulose fibers, insects and vermin would not consider munching at hardie plank siding.