Hardiplank Siding Vs Cedar Or Vinyl Siding

There is plenty of debate in the building and home improvement industries about the topic of Hardiplank Siding vs. Vinyl Siding and Cedar Siding which have been around for a lot longer. Thousands of homeowners have looked to United Home Experts to help them determine the answer to this question. If the solution was so cut and dry, we wouldn’t still be installing all 3 clapboard style siding products. The truth is, it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what your long term goals are.  Although we’ve constructed a detailed comparison on our website, here are some quick rules of thumb to help you navigate this topic. You may fall into one of these categories.

Homeowner #1: You prefer the most autentic, natural, and traditional product, and are willing to pay for the initial installation and more frequent maintenance.

We would recommend sticking with CVG Western Red Cedar Clapboard.

Homeowner #2: You prefer the lowest maintenance product, and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of aesthetic appeal and color choices in order to avoid much upkeep in the future.

Vinyl Clapboard is probably right for you.

Homeowner #3: You really want the look and character of wood, prefer not to be limited by a narrow color selection, and want a product that is highly impact resistant, and impervious to insects, woodpeckers, and other indruders.

Hardiplank Siding is probably the way to go.

Hopefully this quick overview sends you well on your way to choosing a siding product or your new or existing home.