Hardwood Flooring For My Home Renovation

HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring, sure many home renovations include new flooring. Are you interested in having hardwood installed in your raised level, addition or complete home renovation? Let's talk

New Construction & Your Hardwood Installation

Many home improvement contractor's are now installing hardwood flooring on their jobs. This is certainly true when it comes to building your new raised level on your home. In almost all of new raised level packages, hardwood flooring installations seems to be almost mandatory with the homeowners. A common wood of choice homeowners choose is usually a new # 1 red oak or select grade on the entire upstairs less the bathrooms and laundry areas. Your contractor will then treat the flooring with polyurethane and a final buff coat and within 3 days the flooring is ready to walk on. Remember, that was the new top floor or even a new addition area. Everything is new so it a simple procedure for the install. Let's go to the first floor and talk about your hardwood flooring installation in the existing renovated area.

Home Improvement Contractor: Hardwood & Your Home Renovation

Many complete home renovations include both a new raised level in addition to a completely revised first floor plan with a first floor extension. The existing first floor usually always has the original hardwood flooring. Your home improvement contractor will remove several walls during the home renovation. Your Home Improvement Contractor will then be left with a decision. How will he be able to repair and install hardwood on the first floor. Remember, the original walls were removed. On the floor will be 4 1/2 "wide gaps from where the walls used to lie. If a twenty foot wall was removed then there will be a 20 'x 4 1/2" gap in the floor. There are 2 choices. The first is to remove ALL the hardwood flooring through the first floor. Then reinstall the new. If you are not worried about the budget and or the numbers work out, then this option is fine. The second choice is to feather the old hardwood in with the new hardwood flooring. Your Home Improvement Contractor will use a staggering or weaving process. He will remove the nearest pieces and fill with new hardwood accordingly. When ready, he will sand the entire floor as well as the weaved areas all together. When completed, your first floor will look absolutely brand new. The positive here is that you were able to salvage the existing hardwood so saving you a good deal of money.

If you are interested in installing hardwood flooring in your renovation project, ask your Home Improvement Contractor for his opinions.