Hardy Plank Can Give You the Best Looking Fiber Cement House on the Block!

If you want to be the homeowner of the best house on the block in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island or New Jersey, then you want Hardy Plank! Hardy Plank siding has been around for one hundred years. It is continuously a popular product due to unmatched durability and appearance. Over the years, this fiber cement home siding has been advanced when it was mixed with sand, cement, and cellulose fibers for commercial and domestic buildings to be able to withstand even the harshest climates.

Hardy Plank Siding – Popular Throughout Staten Island, Long Island and Brooklyn

Countless homes in Staten Island as well as the rest of New York City, New Jersey and Long Island are making use of Hardy Plank siding, the next generation of engineered home siding.

Hardy plank siding, sometimes called “Hardy board siding,” doesn’t get its unique nickname because of its durability and strength. It’s named after its inventor, James Hardie, who developed Hardy plank siding as sustainable alternative for wood and vinyl in Australia’s home siding and reconstruction market. These days, this durable fibercement home siding isn’t relegated just to Australians, but is now available for worldwide consumption.

Hardy Plank Comparison to Wood Siding

Hardy Boarding Looks Like Wood…

Hardy board is visually appealing. It is manufactured to look and feel like wood, as it imitates both the texture and grain of authentic wood siding. However, the differences end there.

… But Resists Fire, Water & Termites

Hardy plank material is much more resistant to extreme weather conditions. This home siding material is also flame resistant, so while it is not fireproof (and honestly, nothing is), Hardy board material will not further feed the flames in the event of accidental fire, arson or natural brush fires. Additionally, you’ll be greatly pleased to learn that this material is also water resistant. Therefore, your Hardy plank siding will never warp or rot – nor will it be affected by aggravating termites and other pests that love to gnaw on more traditional sidings and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

… Is Great for Painting

Although Hardy plank boarding looks beautiful with its natural coloring, it is an excellent choice for any homeowner who wants to color customize their home siding. This is because it retains paint longer than wood, and that experience has demonstrated that a well applied paint job rarely peels or chips from a Hardy Plank surface.

Maintaining Hardy Plank is Not Difficult At All

With proper care and maintenance, this special fiber cement home siding will last well past 50 years. Best of all, it requires little maintenance on part of the homeowner aside of a regular house washing, and make sure to use a chem tip to vary the pressure used on different surfaces of the house, such as deck railings and steps that have also been painted. Other small minor repairs may be needed from time to time, but no other siding will outlast your Hardy Plank siding!