Harrison Howard Headington Stable Rugs Review

Hi everyone, I am here to share my experience of Headington Rugs from Harrison Howard. Although I used their headcollar before, yet this is my first time to buy their horse rugs. I heard from some of my friends that their rugs fit horses quite well so I had a try. This rugs turned out to be a high performance one. And I will share some of my points with you.

The rugs I have is Tango Red, a lovely colour. The outer of it is made from 600 denier ripstop polyester fabric. It is not as durable as 1200 denier, but for rugss the fabric of this strength is enough. It is quilted with 300g polyester fiberfill which provides my Knight warmth in cold winter. This rug is lined with polycotton rather than nylon. Why is that? As we know nylon feels very smooth while the polycotton is warm and soft but can cause some friction. Some of you may worry about that the polycotton lining might cause much rubbing. That’s not the case. Horse stays at stable and they seldom move. So it is OK to use polycotton lining.

What’s more, if the lining is smooth nylon, rugs will slip around and won’t give sufficient protection. Besides, nylon is a very cool material and not very suitable to keep warm. And the polycotton is good at wicking away moisture. My Knight could always stay dry in this rugs.

What makes me glad is that this rug of Harrison Howard fits my Knight perfectly. I got to know that S-fit design is patented by Harrison Howard. “S-fit design makes the rug fit perfectly to the back”. This is what they said about S-fit. I can’t believe that this rug really fits my Knight as perfectly as they describe in the product description and it offers the optimal comfort and warmth.

In addition to the performance fabric and S-fit design, another point I have to say is that the rubber loops are quite useful in preventing the accidental release of suicingles. Do you know how these loops work?

Stainless buckles are extremely hard so that there is little friction between them. In this case release often happens when my Knight moves to remove the annoying flies away. But now with extra rubbing from the rubber loops, two buckles can be tightly fastened together. One more thing I want to mention is that this rug has shoulder pleats. As you know that unlike the turnout rugs, not all the rugss have shoulder pleats. But for my part shoulder pleats are the same necessary for rugs as for turnout rugs. It allows my Knight free movements. The most important thing is that it provides enough room for my Knight to sit down and won’t make him drag the rug.

Anyway when choosing the rugs for winter use, warmth and fit are the top two things we should consider. And this rug possesses these two properties and it is at a very decent price. Hopefully you can get some useful information from this review.