Havana Cuba Hotels – Accommodation in Havana (Part 1)

Accommodation in Havana is plentiful and in most areas you are able to find rooms anywhere from 35 to 200 US dollars. It is highly recommended to book in advance, especially in the high season (between November and April) when Havana becomes overbooked!

Many visitors decide to stay in the traditional hotels in Old Havana, well located near many of the most important monuments and surrounded by bars and restaurants. Many of these properties are colonial, charismatic and full of history that have accommodated guests and celebrities like Ernest Hemingway or Graham Greene.

The district of Vedado is a quitter place to stay in. However you will need transportation to visit Old Havana. Miramar is the favorite area for business men. Slightly apart from the sites of interest to the general public and tourists.

Hotels in Old Havana: Old Havana is the best preserved urban colonial center in the Americas and where you will find the best charms of the city; from narrow roads to ample Plazas full of colonial architecture and the most important museums.

Many of the hotels of Old Havana are located in colonial palaces carefully restored in the last years. The lodging facilities are extremely well located, near the key monuments and surrounded by restaurants and galleries. Hotels in Old Havana are administrated by the Office of the Historian of the City, the Cuban entity responsible for the restoration of the Old City.

Hotels in the Vedado district: Vedado is the cultural and social center of Havana City. Its attraction include art galleries, shows and live concerts to restaurants. Vedado features most of the north-american hotels built in the 1950's. From hotel Habana Libre and the Riviera Hotel you can enjoy a great view of the city and the sea. Hotel Nacional de Cuba, built in the 1930's, is the most emblematic building in the Malecon walk. Most of these hotel have swimming pools and offer large and comfortable rooms. Old Havana is located some 20 walking minutes from this hotel.

Hotels in Miramar District: Miramar was constructed before the revolution for the well accommodated inhabitants in Havana. Its sumptuous mansions, commercial buildings and wide avenues have today turned into the diplomatic and business center of the city of Havana. Miramar is also visited for its fun areas like the Tropicana Cabaret and for its ample gastronomic offer. Most hotels al located in front of the sea, although the area, like the rest of Havana, does not count with any sand beaches. In contrast, this area of ​​the city is far from the other important areas like Old Havana and Vedado. However the 5th avenue make it a fast ride to reach these other parts of the city.

Hotel in Centro Habana: The Malecon seawall was built in 1901 and covers 8 km between the Castillo de La Punta in Old Havana, and the Castillo de La Chorrera. Walking toward Old Havana having always the Castillo del Morro as a reference and enjoying the sea breeze, is always a treat and one of the nicest routes you can take in the City. The Malecon is the rendezvous place of people in Havana which go there by night, when the place crowds with musicians, groups of friends and romantic couples. Along this sea wall are several well known hotels like he Nacional de Cuba, the Riviera and the Melia Cohiba.

Hotels in the East Beaches of Havana: The best beaches of Havana are located to the east of the city, the first one, Bacuranao, at exactly at 18 km. Several sand beaches following including Tarara, Mégano, Santa María del mar and Bocaciega till you reach the town of Guanabo. Guanabo is one of the most popular areas among Cubans where they go on weekends and summer breaks with their families and / or friends. The east Havana beaches allow to enjoy waters of crystalline transparency an fine white sands at only some 15 minutes from the touristic centers of Old Havana and Vedado.

If you are looking for Havana Hotels , we hope this information is helpful to find the hotel and location ideal to you for your vacations in the city.