Having The Right Posture

Posture simply refers to the way one positions his or her body with regard to the golf ball. Having the right posture is the exercise of achieving such an important aspect. This is mainly the angle one places the body. It is one of the fundamentals of golfing and thus is regarded as one of the most important things a player should learn especially a beginner.

This aspect is considered much important due to the following reason, it gives one the balance and power required when swinging the club. This aspect gives a player the strength to hit the ball very well thus enhancing a perfect progress in the game.

This element is not only important in this game but also in any other activity that involves bending of back in order to protect the back. The back of a body is very delicate and hence the importance of its protection from any kind of harm.

The whole process should leave a body in a manner such that, back is relatively straight with the spine   tilted  over the ball slightly. There should also be a slight bent on the legs while the hands should just hang freely.

The procedure of achieving such an aspect mainly involves; it all begins with one standing upright while their back remains tall and very straight. The one has to  tilt  the upper body right from the hips while maintaining the back straight. This should continue until one experience a balance loss such that they feel as if they are just about to fall down on your face.

The other step is to flex the knees so that the legs bends a little, this will automatically lead to the concentration of weight back to the balls of the legs. This is mainly to avoid weight concentration on the toes or heels of feet. Following these steps result to achieving of this fundamental of golf.

There are some considerations that guarantees that they have achieved this important aspect, these includes; these is much pressure felt on the balls of the feet than it is on the toes and heels of such feet.

A lot of pressure is also experienced on the thighs and the caps of knees, back, there is a feeling that the buttocks are lifting. The arms appear hanging down freely with the head being held up over the ball. The back remains straight one feels as if the face is leaning over the ball. All these demonstrate having the right posture.