HDTV Antenna

An Hdtv antenna is the ticket to receive free Hdtv reception over the air. If you’ve decided to buy a Hdtv there is a low cost alternative to paying cable or satellite providers monthly for Hdtv broadcasts, a simple Hdtv antenna hookup is all that is required. You can receive crystal clear high definition local and network broadcasts. All you need is a ATSC tuner built in your new Hdtv or a external Hd tuner connected to your Hdtv to start getting free Hdtv over the air. If you presently own a good VHF/UHF antenna for indoors or out doors you may be able to use it. Digital tv uses the same antenna as analog tv, manufacturers have just labeled them HD to take advantage of the Hdtv buzz.

Your choices are a indoor Hdtv antenna and a outdoor Hdtv antenna. Some are amplified to increase signal quality and pickup further stations. There are different factors that will determine what Hdtv is best for you. The proximity of your house to a broadcast tower is the biggest one.

The closer you live to a broadcast tower the stronger a signal and better reception you will receive. Those that live in an urban area or are surrounded by high buildings may get interference with the Hdtv broadcasts. If where you live prohibits you from installing an outdoor antenna there are still viable alternatives available.

Once it is decided which type of antenna will best suit your needs to receive free hdtv you may want to test it. Not in the store but in your home to see which Hdtv antenna provides the best signal. Turn the antenna in different directions to see where the best reception is. Why settle for poor reception when you can get crystal clear free Hdtv reception with just a little tweaking of your antenna?

You may have to get a indoor antenna if you can not install a antenna outdoors. These are usually optimized and powerful to receive signals indoors and there are a wide variety, some amplified (increase the strength of the signal) to fit your living conditions. There are Hdtv antenna’s as low as $40.00 such as the Zenith ZHDTV1 Digital Indoor antenna and many others, that can provide great Hd reception indoors in most cases.

You will find a few Hdtv antenna designs to allow outdoor reception without you having to get on the roof. One is the Terk HD-TVS slim profile Hd tv antenna that you can install on a balcony, railing, outdoor wall, in the attic or on the roof and still receive great Hdtv pictures, even in the city.

Optimal reception will be received if you can remove all or as much interference as possible from the transmitter and your Hdtv antenna. This is the reason for the popularity of the outdoor antenna. The outdoor Hd tv antenna that is most popular is the medium directional antenna, because it’s not too large and has characteristics that prevent or reduce interference. There are also large and small Hdtv antenna’s that may fit your needs.

If you’ve sworn off paying for cable and satellite subscriptions and want crystal clear HDTV all you need to do is a little research, then get your Hdtv antenna. One good source for more information is the Consumers Electronics Association’s, Antenna Web. After you have selected the right Hdtv antenna you can just connect directly to your Hdtv set (with ATSC tuner) or HD tuner and receive free Hdtv.