Headache Help From the Headache Doctor

Headache types: Headaches can appear in different areas of the head. I have found frontal (forehead) headaches to have four causes.

Neck pain headaches-The first and most common cause is a second cervical subluxation. The second cervical on the left will cause a frontal headache on the left and a second cervical subluxation on the right will cause a frontal headache on the right. These also cause sinus headaches and sinus congestion. The second cervical on the left is usually stuck in extension and the second cervical on the right is either lateral or stuck in rotation and compressed superior to inferior. A second cervical adjustment will usually clear up the sinuses in seconds.

Frontal headaches can also be due to a cranial problem in the frontal bone.

The third cause of frontal headaches is a bad night's sleep. This causes an imbalance of the pineal gland which can be corrected using TBM or Total Body Modification.

The fourth cause is emotional. These are commonly known as stress headaches or tension headaches. This header can appear on the frontal eminences. They are called the bad mood points which can be corrected using SET, Spinal Encephalo Technique. Once they are released, the bad mood and headache goes away. The frontal lobe of the brain is a common place for emotional armoring as well. Emotional armoring can occur in any lobe of the brain and can be cleared out using CARE or Chakra Armor Release of Emotions.

Occipital headaches (located in the back of the head) can be due to a subluxation of the occiput, a cranial misalignment of the occiput or due to toxicity or indigestion. An ileocecal valve spasm can cause a headache on the right occiput. A Valve of Houston spasm will cause a headache on the left occiput. These points on the occiput and can be used for correction of the ileocecal valve and the Valve of Houston. They are part of the Spinal Encephalo Technique.

Headaches located in the sphenoid area of ​​the temples are usually referred from the cervicals and can be corrected by adjusting the cervicals indirectly or directly by using Vector Point Cranial technique.

Headaches located in the temporal area can be due to a TMJ subluxation or emotional armoring in the squamous portion of the temporal bone or on the mastoid. The most gentle way to clear TMJ subluxations is to treat it with SET, Spinal Encephalo Technique. Just have the patient touch the reflex point and adjust T2, T4 and T6 with a double activator in three phases of respiration. The armor in the temporal lobe can be cleared out using the CARE technique.

Parietal headaches (on the top of the head) are often due to a bad night's sleep or stress. They can be corrected by separating the coronal and sagittal sutures or by doing a parietal lift.

Migraine headaches are often due to stress or diet. Migraine headaches may be caused by an allergy to wheat, dairy, eggs, chocolate, sugar, yeast, citrus, red wine, red meat, tea, coffee or corn.