Headlight Assembly

Over time the lens of your headlights have a tendency to become discolored or “milky”. This inevitably cuts down on the amount of light passing through the lens and lighting your path. Poor lighting components should never be ignored. Failing to replace or repair headlights subjects you and your occupants to a high risk of getting into an accident during low visibility driving.

Your vehicle’s headlights are designed to provide you the ability to travel at high rates of speed at night time or low visibility conditions. Some vehicles headlights automatically turn on when the sensors are triggered by the oncoming of nightfall. Proper operating headlights save you from potential trouble on the road. The typical headlight is designed to provide two kinds of beams: a low beam and a high beam. The low beam is designed to provide ample road illumination while minimizing the glare of your headlights to oncoming vehicles. The high beam provides maximum illumination with limited glare control. Without proper operating headlights your ability to navigate the road in low-visibility conditions is significantly impaired. Simply put, your vehicle’s headlights make it safe to drive at night or in low-visibility conditions.

It is important that your vehicle’s headlight  assembly  is always in top condition. With perfectly functional headlights on your vehicle, you’re guaranteed to enjoy superior road visibility. Replacing your damaged headlights yourself is usually straight forward. If you don’t feel mechanically inclined there are numerous local auto repair shops capable of replacing your new headlight  assembly .

Headlights are an important facet of the overall car design theme. As such, they are highly sought after in case of an accident. The problem is that like most OEM parts the headlight  assembly  is typically a dealership exclusive item and cost prohibitive. An aftermarket headlight  assembly  offers a cost effective alternative. Prime Choice Auto Parts offers a full line of headlight  assemblies  for all Years, Makes and Models of both cars and trucks. We carry new headlight  assemblies  for both domestic and imported vehicles. All headlight  assemblies  are direct fit replacements for factory stock headlight  assemblies .

If your headlights are worn or damaged it is important to replace them right away.

Tail Light  Assembly 

A tail light or a tail lamp is the part of the lighting system of a vehicle which is attached in front and at the rear part of the vehicle. They usually come in pairs (left or driver side and right or passenger side). The tail light provides different functions.

The signal lights, or turning lights, are usually part of the tail light  assembly . Usually yellow in color because of regulatory standards, this part of the tail light  assembly  indicates that a vehicle is going to turn right or left. The same lights are also used during times of emergency by engaging your hazard or emergency signal. Your reverse lights are also part of the tail lamp  assembly  and are used to both indicate that a vehicle is backing up and provide a bright light to guide you as you back up. The reverse lights come on automatically when the vehicle is placed into reverse. These lights often have the highest illumination in the tail lamp  assembly  but are not as bright as the headlights.

The parking lights in the tail lamp  assembly  is a signal to drivers behind that there’s a presence of another vehicle whenever it is dark, foggy or rainy weather. They are also used as a brake light. The park or brake light is usually located in the highest position of the tail light  assembly  and turns on when the driver steps on the brakes.

The tail light  assembly  may be the most overlooked part on most vehicles. Your tail light  assembly  is an essential safety feature that needs to be properly maintained. A broken tail light, whether the bulb is simply burnt out or the tail  assembly  itself is damaged or cracked, is a potential driving hazard. A broken tail light may eliminate the driver’s ability to active a turn signal – worse it may not alert drivers behind you that you are stopping.

Prime Choice Auto Parts offers high quality – high value, direct fit replacement tail light  assemblies  for all Makes and Models for both domestic and imports. All tail light  assemblies  are direct fit replacements for factory stock headlight  assemblies .

Replacing a Tail Light

Replacing a tail light  assembly  is a simple process that involves removing the current tail light and installing a new one in the same place. It can typically be done with a screw driver and other basic tools. To begin, buy a replacement tail light cover from an online auto parts store.