Health Benefits of One of the Oldest Spices – Black Pepper Or Piper Nigrum

After morning meditation, I drink hot fresh ginger tea with crushed black pepper. The way I make it is by peeling ginger and placing a chunk in a mortar and pestle with 3 whole black peppers. I crush the contents, pour hot water into the mortar and transfer the contents into a tea cup. I started adding black pepper to ginger tea when I read the ingredients of one of my most favorite packaged teas. Ever since I have been adding black pepper, I have felt better. Here is what I have found by paying close attention to my body.

Black pepper induces sweating, urination and it aids digestion. It adds an element of fire to the digestive system. It signals to the stomach to generate hydrochloric acid for proper digestion. This acid keeps food from remaining in the stomach too long, thereby reducing intestinal flatulence and stomach irritation.

Black pepper is a cleansing agent. With it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps clear sinus problems and nasal congestion. During allergy season, if you experience a dry cough, suck on black pepper to reduce irritation in your throat.

Aside from improving digestion and clearing sinus problems, it provides nutrients such as manganese, vitamin K, iron and dietary fiber.

The outer layer of pepper helps break down fat cells, which can reduce weight and provide energy.

The best way to enjoy black pepper is by crushing whole pepper in a mortar and pestle. Store the extra ground pepper in a sealed container and use throughout the day. It is much more pungent when it is freshly crushed. And it is very satisfying to engage in the crushing process via a mortar and pestle.

The only disadvantage is that black pepper is very acidic. Therefore you need to watch to make sure your diet is full of alkaline foods.