Health Issues – Healthy Mothers Deliver Healthy Babies

In the fast life of the day, one often delays the issue of marriage; children and health issues are pushed as further away as possible, as issues of finance gain precedence over all the other issues. Often, career is the main concern. It is very difficult to get into a career of one’s choice in the first place and to maintain it is even more difficult. Therefore, when the question of pregnancy arises, one immediately gets visions of unemployment, which brings jitters of fear. There are other issues as well, like family compulsions and physical weaknesses, which need to be cleared, before one can decide to become a mother. Usually one is so engrossed with one’s work that one easily crosses the age of healthy pregnancy. However, it should not be so, and this is where pre pregnancy planning gains importance. Health issues, foods, women’s most fertile period, all these important considerations should remain in the mind of every woman to deliver healthy babies.

Keep Your Mind And Body Fit

When women older than 35 years decide to get pregnant, they can have congenital abnormalities in the newborn baby. As one ages, one also catches some form of illness or the other. High blood pressure, diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, piles, weakness in the bones and limbs are some of the common ailments of today’s environment. In case the mother has any of the above, which is not treated properly before conceiving, the prospective child can have many abnormalities.

Some Common Ailments

Hypertension is common when twins are born. Older women too have this condition. During the stage of pregnancy planning, a well-controlled regimen of exercise can handle hypertension. One has to be very cautious in this stage. Constant monitoring is required under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. You need to remain stress free, and in a diet plan that keep a check on your weight. A little meditation also helps in curing hypertension. You also have to take medicines recommended by the doctor.

Diabetes is a disease that does not allow you to die and it does not allow you to live as well. In a natural condition the level of sugar in the blood rises with every intake of food and liquid. The pancreas of the body creates a chemical called insulin, which neutralizes the raised sugar content in blood. Under the influence of diabetes, pancreas stops creating insulin and the sugar level continues to rise, affecting the organs of the body. If diabetes is not controlled, you might lose your kidneys, eyes, heart and other organs of your body one by one. Diabetes can be controlled by administering insulin by injection. This condition needs to be in full control at the pre pregnancy planning stage lest this disease cripples the infant.

Heart diseases are common concerns of doctors worldwide nowadays. Especially with couples who wish to become parents at a later stage in their life, doctors insist on a complete checkup for defects in the valve, rheumatic heart disease, hole in the heart etc. After all clearances, the consultant decides whether you should become parents or not. Parents with heart disease are advised complete bed rest in the pre-pregnancy planning period. Any miscalculation can lead to a miscarriage or premature fetal death.

There are other diseases like thyroid, cancer, tuberculosis that need to be disclosed, and discussed in complete confidence with your consultant. The advice of the consultant is the final word in this matter, after all tests to consider competency have been conducted. Never ever, hide such illness, as they can be fatal for the mother and or the baby.

Genetic disorders, exposure to radiation and other harmful fluid (as in factories), Urinary infections and venereal diseases are some other reasons for would-be mothers to remain on their toes. Always be very sure of your medical condition before you attempt to become a mother.