Health Tool – The Mirror Will Tell the Truth

Your Health Is Worth Observing

Are you using the mirror to its full advantage as a health tool? A mirror doesn’t lie, it doesn’t judge, try to be polite, or impolite. It just gives it to you as it is. So why should you pay attention to it? It can tell you much more than what you look like first thing in the morning, and after you’ve finished in the bathroom. Do you see a picture of health looking back at you? Or what you see isn’t to your full satisfaction?

Where to Hang a Mirror

A full-length mirror serves us best. You can hang one on the inside of your wardrobe door. It is more advantageous if you hang it on the wall, as you are more likely to see yourself more frequently when it’s not hidden away. It can act as a reminder for various things at the same time.

You want the mirror to benefit from day light. If this is not possible, then make sure the area where you hang it can be well-lit.

What Can a Mirror Tell You?

Why should you look at yourself in the mirror? Apart from making sure you look presentable and ready for your next activity, the mirror will tell the truth about various other things too. It is a great tool for checking out some aspects of health. Although it should be noted that your response is dependent on how you interpret what you see. The following are some of the things you might observe:

  • What you look like when you have a hangover and are due to meet someone of importance.
  • A rash or allergy you have acquired.
  • Different aspects of your posture.
  • If you’ve lost weight.
  • If you’ve put on weight.
  • Muscle tone.
  • The condition of your skin. Is it dry and flaky, or excessively oily?
  • The condition of your hair. Is it shining?
  • The manner in which you walk.
  • The state of your teeth.
  • The state and shape of your feet.
  • Whether you’ve got new lumps or bumps on your skin.

There are many other aspects of health you can observe in a mirror. The above covers the most obvious ones.

It is possible to be completely unaware of many of the above unless you view yourself in a full-length mirror. The sooner you realise something isn’t quite as it should be, the sooner you can take corrective measures.

So Your Mirror Won’t Lie

It should be pointed out that your mirror won’t lie provided that you have selected one of good quality. A poor quality mirror on your wall will not operate as a health tool or a friend.

How to Choose a Mirror

Technically speaking there are a few details to check into when selecting a mirror as a health tool. Make sure the quality of the glass in the mirror is faultless, as you don’t want distortions in the reflection. It needs to be totally flat.

Although more expensive, a quarter inch thick mirror will give you the best reflection, as it is less likely to mould to the shape of the wall.

Finally, make sure the silvering, the coating that gives the mirror the reflective quality, is faultless and your mirror won’t lie.

Mirror on Your Wall

The mirror on your wall can be your best friend when hung in the appropriate place. It also needs to be of good quality to serve as a health tool. When used appropriately it can be a preventative measure to many health related issues. The advantages of a mirror should not be overlooked. You may need to acquaint yourself with it. The mirror will tell the truth.