Healthy Eating – Five Reasons To Start Using Chlorella

If you have not jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon, it may be time to start! More people are finding making a green smoothie is an excellent way to get their daily vegetable needs met and help keep their fiber intake up. When preparing your green smoothies, one food you will want to consider adding into the mix is chlorella, which is a form of green freshwater algae. Typically you can purchase this in powder form, just as you would the well-known freshwater algae called spirulina.

Chlorella is receiving a lot of attention as of late thanks to the many health benefits it provides. What do you stand to gain from this green algae? Let’s take a closer look…

1. Nutrient Dense. First, when looking at the nutrient density of chlorella, we see it has a lot to offer. You will receive 50 to 60% total protein content in this algae, so for those struggling to meet their protein needs, it can be an excellent way to boost your intake.

Next, it is also a rich source of…

  • vitamin B12,
  • iron,
  • calcium,
  • beta-carotene,
  • omega-3’s,
  • fiber, and also contains a wealth of
  • antioxidants.

All in all, it is almost like a powerful multi-vitamin to take your health from good to super.

2. Detoxification. Another benefit of chlorella is it offers detoxification support. It will bind to heavy metals in your body, removing them from your system before they cause damage. This is especially important for those who work or live in highly polluted areas.

The more you can add green algae to your diet; the less pollution is likely to impact you.

3. Immune System Support. Maintaining a healthy immune system is vital to your well-being. Stress, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep can all take a toll on your overall immune response.

Chlorella will help build your immune system up once again. A serving a day in your green smoothie will have you feeling your best and contribute to preventing you from coming down with the common cold and flu.

4. Minimizes Blood Pressure Levels. Have high blood pressure? Your green smoothie may help relieve that, as long as you include chlorella. Chlorella helps to normalize blood pressure thanks to the fact it contains…

  • a powerful dose of arginine,
  • potassium,
  • calcium, as well as
  • omega-3 fatty acids.

These nutrients work together to help maintain optimal pressure as well as to prevent hardening of the arteries.

5. Cholesterol-Lowering Benefits. Finally, let us not forget chlorella may just assist you in combating heart disease. It is a very powerful green for reducing your cholesterol levels, so may just do the trick to help you side-step a heart attack.

It contains all the makings of a very potent compound to help bring down cholesterol levels, plus it is…

  • high in niacin,
  • fiber,
  • carotenoids, as well as
  • antioxidants.

Why not go find yourself some chlorella and get started using it today. It really can help take your health up a notch.