Hearth Fireplace Rugs, Safety First and Beauty Second

A few hundred years in the past, hearth fireplace rugs were non-existent. The floors were dirt and sparks from the open hearth did no more damage then leave a few burn marks on some folk’s shins. Well in our world today, things have changed and we need to be as safe as possible.

Fire Resistant Hearth Rug: The most basic rug is a nylon hearth rug. These rugs are tough and hold up well under everyday conditions. Kids, the family dog or cat can give this rug as much abuse as they can. The way in which this type of rug works to protect a home is from separating the spark or ember from the burnable surface. They will melt if the ember is large enough. This however is preferable to burning a hole in your carpet or wood floor. These come in an array of solid colors and also attractive heathers and designs.

Wool Hearth Rugs: These rugs are the first ever made for the hearth. Wool rugs were common in the home for hundreds of years. They protect the home in a different way. The rug self smothers the errant ember. It does not melt but the ember can leave a char spot. This can be brushed away and show no sign of ever having a problem. These rugs are more expensive for the fact that they are a natural fiber and do cost more to produce. However, many different patterns and colors are available for your choice.

Hearth Rugs Fiberglass: This interesting hearth rug is in the way it is constructed. Fiberglass is, well, fiber glass. The material is non-combustible. Fiberglass is used in many differing ways for fire protection, from heat protection for professionals in industry to automobile racing. Fireproof blankets and other protection gear are routinely made with fiberglass. This type of hearth rug is 100% made from fiberglass. These rugs have proven to be the most effective in stopping damage from fireplace sparks. These most commonly come in solid colors for decorative purposes.

Hearth rugs are just one part in fireplace safety. When buying a rug check the tag for a rating. Ask the rug professional for help in determining proper size.

Have a warm and happy home this winter.