Heat Pump Prices

Heat  pumps  are energy efficient devices used for both heating and cooling a home or small area. They are great in that they use very little electricity and produce minimal emissions in comparison to traditional furnaces and home heating devices. People often wonder about heat  pump  prices when they are considering having one installed in their home.

The initial investment into a heat  pump  can be quite costly. The prices are typically higher than the air-source  pumps . An average size heat  pump  will cost approximately twenty-five hundred dollars per ton of capacity. An average house would need a heat  pump  of approximately three tons. This means that you would expect to pay approximately seventy-five hundred dollars to have a heat  pump  installed in your home. People are often put off by the initial price but in the long run they can expect to save a great deal of money using this machine.

There are two different types of heat  pumps  that you can install in your home. There are the ground source heat  pumps , which are more energy-efficient than air heat  pumps . The ground source heat  pumps  do not demand extra electrical heaters and they output less carbon dioxide. All heat  pumps  have been reported to have excellent performance in extreme temperatures and even work wonderfully during extreme cold temperatures.

The installation process of a heat  pump  can take about two to three days. You can expect to add this to the price of the unit because you have to pay for the labour that it takes to install the machine. When looking to have your heat  pump  installed you should look for a company that has extensive experience in this area so that they do not have to take extra time to figure out what they are doing. This will keep the total price of your unit that much lower.