Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Boxes

Ordinary plastic storage boxes just don’t cut it in an industrial workplace. The thinner plastic will not usually stand up to heavy tools and corrosive liquids. There are a few different options available for use.

Hanging Storage Boxes

These bins are the cheapest form of heavy duty box and can be used in a variety of fashions. Louvered panels, rails and custom shelving are the most common ways of hanging plastic storage bins. They can also be stacked if they are of the same size which makes them extremely versatile. If you are planning on storing sensitive electronic equipment in these, consider buying conductive storage bins.

Stackable Plastic Storage Boxes

These are stronger than their cheaper counterparts but cannot be hung. You can buy large hopper bins that have a cut out in the side enabling you to take items out while the boxes are stacked on top of each other. Cross stack tubs are rectangular tubs that can alternate 90 degrees each stack. This way each tub can be access while stacked on top of each other. Hanging and stackable storage boxes are both ideal for production, assembly and order picking.

Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

If you would like to maintain the ease of having a clear box, small compartment boxes can be bought. These are usually used for storing small items like washers, small screws, o-rings and electrical fittings. Larger models can be purchased which contain small clear boxes that ‘tip out’ rather than pulling out like a shelf.

Hinged Plastic Storage Boxes

This type of heavy duty box is made from thick plastic with a thick plastic lid. They are great for long term storage and also for transporting parts. Of course another type of hinged storage box is a tool box. Buying a model with a lift out shelf means you can store more tools in an organised manner.

Plastic Storage Cabinets

On top of the clear plastic storage boxes you can also buy larger cabinets that interlock together. This way you can adjust the size of the cabinet buy adding an additional module.

Another bonus to plastic type storage is that it’s environmentally friendly; most of the plastic used to manufacture these products comes from recycled sources.